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  1. I believe the advice to listen, if you can, is a good one. If you are not able to compare and you are not buying from a dealer - then you would need to consider the 'vintages' of the two pieces of equipment. If you are looking to replace roughly like-with-like (date-wise eg. 2016 with 2016) then I would always recommend that the Klimax sounds better than the Akurate version and would likely to be a worthwhile upgrade. If you were replacing a later ASH with an earlier KSH then I would suggest not. It is also worth considering whether either pieces of equipment still retain any of Linn's 5 year warranty. This would be important for me if I were to purchase outside of the dealer network.
  2. Congratulations on your new purchase. It's been a long wait but its sounds like it's been all worthwhile - very enthusiastic, if initial, thoughts. I look forward to your further listening and extended views - in particular if you cement the view that the NGKSH surpasses your Klimax LP12 + AEDSM! Clive
  3. Ah - but it depends whether you are comparing a KDSM to a KDS/3 or an earlier version. It was listening to the then new KDS/3 versus my KEDSM that persuaded my swap to a KSH. The KDS/3 was clearly better in my Exakt system and the KSH replicated that superiority over the KEDSM.
  4. Ah - but it's not the perception that the Black ones sound better - maybe they just do Like white vans go faster! Maybe that's why I own a black KSH (or maybe coz it matches the rest of my gear)......
  5. The only player that I'm aware of that appears similar OPPO 205 is the Pioneer UDP-LX800. However I confess I'm not familiar with the exact capabilities of the Oppo so not sure whether the Pioneer covers all of the same multi-channel bases. It certainly touted as a universal player and can play SACDs.
  6. I guess that would depend upon whether it is just a re-badging of an existing Clearaudio design or whether it is an unique design made by Clearaudio for Naim. I see no reason why it shouldn’t sound good. Just because it follows an alternative design philosophy doesn’t mean it can’t give a LP12 a good run for its money IMHO.
  7. Congratulations. I have the same digital/speaker setup as you and I have to say I find it very satisfying. I shall have to listen to a NGKSM at some point in the near future but, for now, I’m quite happy with my KSH.
  8. I know very little about optical Ethernet transmission but, for my ignorance, why should that be the case? Presumably optical can carry noise along with the 0’s and 1’s the same as other digital transmission mechanisms? Or not?.....
  9. I guess the question is does adherence to patch cable standards guarantee ‘better’ sound or just guarantees the stability of data transfer? Are they the same?
  10. My first thoughts are: If you are listening to the same versions of a track on Tidal and from your local storage - then they should be the same volume. If they are noticeably different - then I would suspect they are not the same version. Secondly, I almost always prefer they local stored version to the streaming service version (versions being identical).
  11. If you are referring to generations of KSH then you have omitted the 2018 version which was substantially better than the 2016 (in relative terms). As ‘troll says - apparently the NGKSH is much better than all.
  12. Does anyone ‘know’ that for certain yet or does this remain speculation?
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