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  1. Is there any reason why Roon fans tend to be so aggressive? Got 2 times the 3 month trial offered by Linn (when I bought my Sneaky and then my Selekt) and, despite the excellent UI , the way software treats the digital signal is delusional (+ a number of headscratching issues with their metadata logic).
  2. Go spend around 1300 bucks + 110/year with Roon and its nucleus hardware (or, alternatively, an "always-turned-on computer") just to get away from Kazoo/new Linn app usability issues? It doesn't seem to add up to me - specially when, musically saying, all its decoding/rendering/resync process turns music into something that only provoke a great digital fatigue and toothache over time...
  3. Hello @BB1 I finally got my Exotik back and all I can say that no hissing sound is coming from the speakers! That only proves you were 100% right: you need a preamp in order to use an external amp with the Sneaky DSM. And that is valid at any listening volume. Once again, thanks for your guidance and helpful suggestions.
  4. I have been concerned over the possibility of potential conflicting filtering issues between Linn's Sound Optmization and Roon software which could deteriorate sound quality. After a long AB session, that semmed to be true. Just like Steve Guttenberg said: "Roon is not for me..."
  5. Hello friends, I am having the opportunity of doing a lot of A/B between the new Linn app and Roon and I am tempted to say that, while Roon provides a dramatically better user experience, it doesn't bring a sonic advantage when compared to the original Linn software (things can get even worse when upsampling is activated!!) It feels like audio in Roon is less "natural", too much "digitalised"...less tone and "crispness"... Am I missing something here????
  6. That's fine, I'll get my pre-amps back soon and let you know. Thank you for all the information and advice you gave.
  7. Here's the "famous" background hiss from the Sneaky to my speakers (tests were made on two pairs of different speakers: Tukans and Dali suites). Maybe, as you said, that could be a problem only related to my unit but taking into consideration Linn's customer service replies and other users comments in other groups/forums, that seems inherent to the hardware. 18 Apr 2020 20_19_41 (clipping).mp3
  8. Thanks for your reply. I think that too. Although your problem regarding going aktiv is something to consider...
  9. Hello @BB1 thank you so much for your sage advice! I really appreciate it that you took the time to voice your opinion. I have come to a conclusion that leads me in a certain direction: acquiring a great old school, high-current, low-output-impedance Linn's analogue preamp to guarantee the best sound dynamics possible (thinking about maybe an Exotik, Kairn). Do you think this is the best way to go? Regarding what Sekrit manual states, it's a little bit different from Sneaky's (maybe they realised the issue in between): ANALOGUE OUTPUT (RCA, variable/fixed level) - To connect t
  10. Thanks for your feedback @CJ1045 that will surely help me and others readers to better understand this issue
  11. Thank you for great feedback, @BB1 Such kind of problem coming from a simple analogue output stage still seems SO odd to me... My question now would be (as I lent my preamps to some friends so I can't perform a test right now) if I connect the Sneaky to a preamp (therefore disabling the internal volume control, which will naturally also disable the internal Power amplifier/speaker outputs), I can use the DSM only as a digital source without the hiss...
  12. Hello folks, thanks for all your comments. I'll try once again this weekend to be extremely careful while turning the signal detector sensitivity control on the back panel of my Lk140 towards the minimum possible position to see if anything changes (just did a couple of times without success). Anyway, it seems quite bizarre a company like Linn to build such refined streaming solution with a rudimentary analog output that simply doesn't work??? Engineering flaw? Material defect??
  13. Hello everybody, I am quite enjoying the Sneaky DSM but, unfortunately, I can't plug my LK140 power amps in the unit (and go bi-amp) without listening a very loud and annoying "hiss" from DSM's analog outputs. That happens only with the Sneaky amp (I have a Classik Music that works flawlessly with the bi-amplification). And yes, everytime I try to bi-amp, I turn off the internal amplifier and that loud hiss comes from every sources (hdmi, spdif, etc). Again, while I'm using the internal amp without my external power amps, everything is perfect. And I have a great Isotek condit
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