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    Rega P10
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  1. I take it this would be a good pairing with some Boenicke W5s? They seem to like plenty of power. I’m contemplating moving my current turntable setup to another room with some floorstanders, and having just the Boenickes and an unobtrusive amp in the living room.
  2. That definitely doesn’t sound right. I assume it’s the P8 (not older RP8) you’ve ordered - there should be plenty ready to go from the Rega factory. For reference, I recently ordered a P10/Apheta3 combo from a dealer. They took 10% deposit and it took 3-ish weeks to get from Rega to the dealer, then a further two days to get to me. If you are on the Pinkfish forum you can ask a representative from Rega on there - Paul Darwin. But I suspect he will confirm that despatch times are 3-4 weeks from the factory.
  3. No worries - glad you're sorted.
  4. I have a Rega Aria (Mk2) which I'm going to list on Ebay at the weekend - I've moved up to the Aura, so no longer needed. Great stage, and handy as it's good for MM and MC carts. Rega carts are low output, so this is ideal. Plenty of adjustment options as well though.
  5. I picked up the Mk2s for (I think) £230 each from Peter Tyson when the Mk3s were being introduced. So if there is a new model coming, then keep an eye out for price-drops. Although it seems a bit soon to introduce another refresh.
  6. I have a pair of T-zeros (mk2) and they produce more than enough bass for me - I have them turned pretty far down, so they only fill in the very bottom end. Not particularly noticeable... until you forget to switch them on! Then it definitely sounds like something is missing. Mine are positioned directly behind my speakers, but previously I’ve had them off to the sides and you can’t locate the sound of the additional bass coming from them.
  7. Would anybody like a pair of 4.5m Black IIs? Terminations are spade to banana. In very good condition with box. £240 delivered (UK only), which looking around I think is a very good price!
  8. If anyone is interested, I noticed there is an Aethos on Ebay for £2k, which is pretty good. Not mine, btw - not planning to shift mine along anytime soon as I love it. In saying that, somebody picked up a bargain the other day - an Osiris went for £2500! I contemplated putting in a bid before realising I don't have any money anyway!
  9. Hi Marko, no need to worry about earthing. Just plug, play and enjoy! That's one of the great things about Rega turntables; there's very little set up - it's all about listening to the music. Even changing carts is a breeze.
  10. These have been collected now - hope they enjoy their new home!
  11. Ideally by the weekend, but might be able to hang on til the 31st if you can definitely pick up by then. Got to be out of the flat then, so they have to go! I don’t have a car, so it would be pickup only, I’m afraid. They’re fairly wife-friendly, I never had any complaints anyway (until I put the floorstanders in their place!).
  12. Hi, I'm beside the Excel Exhibition centre in Royal Victoria Dock. Working from home, so anytime is good for me.
  13. If you've got any noticeable issues with speed, it's probably worth picking one up on here/Ebay/etc, as they can be adjusted to tune it in perfectly. Or if you have a lot of 45s and are lazy about changing belt. But as for 'lifting veils' or 'blacker blacks' - not to these ears!
  14. I can confirm that my Rega Aethos drives them beautifully. I think a few people had reservations about how they would perform together. The Aethos is 125w RMS into 8ohms, 156 into 6ohms - is there some way to work out 4ohms, as it's not listed. Or is it not an exact science? Whatever it is, it sounds good to my (admittedly abused) ears.
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