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  1. I'll take them 100%, looks like I'll have to drive up Saturday for just after lunch That work with you?
  2. Hi there, I'll take them at £300 assuming the cabinets are in good condition and the speaker works ok? Is Sheffield in lockdown? Thanks kindly.
  3. Is that RCA connectors?
  4. Sorry for being inexperienced but that is an amplifier I could connect to a streamer?
  5. I’m in discussions with George regarding the purchase of the speakers. I’ve found on eBay an Audio Note CDT Zero and Zero DAC combination for £700. Is the price reasonable and would this be a good match for an entry Audio Note system? Would just need an amp then
  6. Where would that be? I assume they are Audio Note speakers? thanks
  7. Which new model are these comparable too? If I just paired with a used Audio Note tube amp around the £1-£2k mark with a Dac and some form of streaming solution to Tidal/Qobuz would it be ok? I would look to invest in better source material and DACs over time. A bit vague I know, I am interested just need to work out rough costs of an entry system for the remaining components.
  8. Where would that be? I assume they are Audio Note speakers? thanks
  9. Yeah I thought they might be steep, just so I don’t look like a fool on phone Its possible To get an amp and audio note speakers for £4-6k? I would prefer used so it goes under budget or more speaker for my money.
  10. Thanks, what are Kegons?
  11. Thanks for your reply but do you know rough prices for audio note speakers and a rough price for an entry amp and connect to Spotify, tidal and qobuz?
  12. Hello all, I am new to the proper HiFi scene, I'm now back in a decent job so can start to seriously consider a nice 2 channel system. During lockdown and without a job I did a lot of reading on speakers and amps, there is just so much choice and opinions out there. I realise that the only person I need to please with the sound is me, so will demo a fair few combo’s closer to purchase time. However, I have a typical smallish house in the UK in Sussex so lounge isn’t huge, this week I was reading a lot of people recommend Audio Note for speakers closer to walls and less fussy about speaker placement but still sound “musical”. I guess what my first question is what is the entry model stand mount and how much £££ with stands? I assume its mega money as I cannot find prices anywhere 😊
  13. Yes sorry active, the ones that don’t need an external amplifier. As you can tell I’m new! 😀
  14. hi all, I would be streaming from tidal/Qobuz/Spotify and flac. Will probably go with Roon too, no source system either so will need that if it’s just a powered speaker with inbuilt amp, which I think is my preferred route as don’t want an old system in 10 years with unsupported firmware, outdated software or limited bitrates.
  15. Hello good people, long story short, I’m now back in employment and looking to treat myself to my first proper hifi setup from my Sonos speaker. I’ve been researching for months and think I’m set on an active speaker 2 channel system to avoid all the shenanigans with amplifier, speaker cable and speaker combinations. What do people recommend in this area? I’m looking in the range of £1500 maybe up to £4000 so reading up on: Navis B51 LS50 Wireless 2 Acoustic Energy AE1 with a source Brachart S400 B&W formation duo Speakers will be around 10-50cm away from wall. What do people suggest? Looking for a well rounded speaker that isn’t to bassy or to shrill. I think I’m in the middle ground camp.