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  1. I used to own one of these ( now own an upgraded Series 7 and upgraded Micro 25 ) , my basic unmodified Series 5 went to Poland a few years back for over £600. This in my mind is a bargain and a lovely amplifier.
  2. Hi chaps Have messaged Glenn will let you know if I get a reply . Would be a shame to have other people touch his stuff. He did have gastroenteritis in May but said got over that. Mike
  3. Located in sleepy Worcester . That probably makes getting in and out of his old Porsche difficult . Will message him and inquire after his wellbeing , normally see him in the summer time with my amps but not this year as let the family go on holiday to Bridlington without me. 🙂
  4. Yep makes good sense and I do know the cricket problem, have already encountered it before ( though the fascination eludes me personally ). Will message him again. In a way I want my cake and eat it, keep Crofts and Beauhorns. Don't think issue is so much to do with power on Series 7 being 100 wpc noe as quiet with other pre.
  5. Thanks for advice . I got Glenn to originally up the power on the Series 7 when I had power hungry PMC LB1 sigs now these have gone and the highly sensitive Beauhorns have come in I have the hum issue (but otherwise a good sound) . I have a dedicated mains spur and Olson power block so that should help with some issues. When I substitute my Role Windjammers ( Croft Hologram ) speakers hum goes to normal quiet levels via Micro 25 and Series 7 . And when I remove the Micro 25 and substitute in the much worse Beresford Caimen Seg as a pre amp hum goes with the Beauhorns to. Ergo being logical and probably wrong the problem lies with the Micro 25 and the Beahorn combo. I did message Glenn but he didn't reply , was planning to go up to his neck of the world next week but have cancelled my plan now. Might email him again. Problem is I love Croft gear and always have for over 30 years now but I also know with the Beauhorns that little 2W American SET probably makes sense ( forget name) but as ever being semi retired I look for the cheapest solution to effect a fix.
  6. A good price source of the two valves in the UK ? I have a lot of hum with my Croft 25 ( upgraded ) using my very efficient Beauhorn Rhapsody B2 speakers . Only noticeable when no music playing or quiet passages. Will a valve change like above help reduce this? Series 7 has also been upgraded to 100 WPC no longer need anywhere near this power but much less hum when i use my Caimen Seg Dac as a digital pre but also lower quality sound with it too.
  7. Yep I know , just trying to save a bit of money as don't have a lot .🙂
  8. Well if you decide you don't like them after all PM me, what did they replace .🙂
  9. So does this mean nobody has any for sale because it is so good they are keeping them . 🙂
  10. After taking some advice for the good folks who inhabit this Forum , has anybody got any of the above they no longer need and wish to move on? The hard bit is I almost certainly need 2 X 5 metre runs as my partner has insisted I move my Beauhorn Rhapsody B2.2's to the other end of the room to ensure some degree of domestic harmony.She says she can't bear to see them through the door when its open. If you have shorter length 2 X 3 metres let me know as I could consider relocation my hi fi to the other end of the room to at a pinch. Mike
  11. Apologizes sold thought I had listed as such. Sold very quickly . 🙂
  12. Then I suppose my question should have been framed as best VFM cable for SET amplifiers .I have noticed that speaker cables do sound different . Not night and day like amplifiers , speakers etc but more subtle. I appreciate we all have different sound signature preferences though so possibly an impossible question to answer. Interested to see that Van Damme is always well thought as VFM and the dueland cable sound interesting at a higher expense. Mike
  13. I was not sure if there was a particular type of cable that worked best with high sensitivity single driver speakers. My current amp is a 100 watt valve hybrid ( upgraded Series 7) but I would love to try a quality low power but good VFM SET like the Decware or something even cheaper if possible. If it proves a match made in heaven , heresy I may even get rid of my Crofts or probably still keep them in case I go a different way even in the future . My partner hates the Beauhorn Rhapsody 2.2 with a passion . Mike
  14. So it would be @£100 for a 5 metre pair minus the terminations of the Duelands you qoute ?Mike
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