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  1. If any of the valves are " cost effective" upgrades let me know and whether pre or power. I know sound is a personal thing but still keen to know what others find out.
  2. The Croft is the best of both worlds in my opinion and I have owned both pure valve and hybrid Crofts. One thing to be aware of with the Croft integrated is it phase inverts. My friend got the integrated for just over £440 of the Bay, excellent value for this kind of money. Keep searching for a Croft, I doubt you will regret it when you hear one.
  3. Sods law was looking for one of these for ages before I gave up and bought a Beresford Dac and new cartridge. If I come into some money and it stays unsold for a bit who knows, price is good.🙂
  4. Hi I might be interested in this can you tell me which Equinox model it is and the width and depth of the shelves. Also would you be willing to take £100 as I would have to factor in petrol costs from Worcester.
  5. What valves have you still got left if any for the Croft. I have Micro 25 presumably would be compatible with 25r?
  6. "Well I tried out the Mark Grant HDX1 Coaxial which is around £28pm, it looks well made and good, note this seems to be directional, so check the arrow on the label. I tried this compared to my optical glass fibre cable, not much difference, if anything the glass optical was more open, more detailed but thinner sounding, the MG had more warmth but seemed to lose some finer detail, these I can switch quickly on my DAC selector, so is easy to compare, I can live with both. This cable was between my Bluesound Note 2 streamer and my Jolida DAC. Van Damme Pro Grade White RCA stereo analogue cables supplied by Mark Grant, price around £17pm, compared to my old Tandy Gold patch, which were well regarded about 27 years ago, I could not hear a difference but changing over cables does take a minute or so, so not so easy to compare. These connected my DAC and AVI active speakers. Both cables seem well made with decent plugs which fit well, not too tight. Delivery is quick, next day and is free. " Anybody out there using the Van Damme speaker cables with Crofts and if so which ones? A lot of discussion about changing tubes which I need to look into and seeing Glenn a week on Sunday to drop off amps for an upgrade so will chat to him about it. My only issue would be the costs of some of the tubes mentioned.
  7. Yep you are right of course both MG and VD produce a variety of products for different budgets. I was just trying to say my observations with MG is that they seem to be good value and operate on a similar ethos to Croft. I cannot comment on VD but might investigate their speaker cable.
  8. Hi Theile was correct when he said that Glenn would not normally offer specific interconnect brand advice . Although when i contacted him to advise i had Mark Grant interconnects as I had another query re my series 7 amp he said- I just use cheap flexible cables for reasons of convenience, etc. Mark Grant interconnects are good as is the Van Damme speaker cable he uses. All the best, Glenn. So are you psychic? I think Mark Grant operates on the same logic as Glenn, money goes into the materials and offers good value. Let me know how you find the Van Damme speaker cables as i use Van den Hul CS122. Thiele what valves have you found work well?
  9. Hi I have a Micro 25 and Series 7, so yours is a bit of a step up although my 25 has an upgraded phono stage and my 7 going to have its power upped to 100WPC at the end of the month. I have not really noticed a CD gain issue tbh. I use Mark Grant interconnects, not sure if these great but Glenn says ok and appear very good value for money. My friend lent me some Albedos which were more expensive and their base interconnect too bright, the more expensive ones £200 were better. Also some Chords which were ok but no better than the MGs and cost more. I would just ask Glenn what he recommends.
  10. I had my Micro 25 modded and just told Glenn I had £250 to play with and trusted him to do what he could do within budget. He mainly modded the phono stage which definitely sounds better. I do find the dual volume controls a bit of a pain but assume Glenn did this for a reason as it was a feature of my old super micro ( which started me on the Croft road). I have the Series 7 too which is off to Scarborough at the end of the month to have it's power output increased to 100 watts so it can drive my PMC LB1 signatures better. It's is great we can just have stuff upgraded without having to buy whole new kit.
  11. Any Source owners anywhere near Worcester?
  12. Ah just noticed probably not the SO Source as has the led at the front?
  13. Another SO Source? So you have replaced the original small coffin PSU? What improvements did the Origin Live motor kit bring?
  14. Thanks but have already taken plunge this did look quite good on reviews
  15. Thank you all for your suggestions. Yesterday took the plunge and bought a Beresford Caimen Seg.