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  1. Hi thank you for the reply. This was exactly what I had thought and I have been looking to replace the speakers for a while. I knew I wasn't happy with the sound and had an idea of what I wanted so on a whim i bought the whalfedales as this was the sort of sound I was after. And yes they sound different but the fast, punchy but tight bass that I remembered just wasn't there. Same track all be on a far better cd player. Once this Vivid malarkey calms down I will venture out into the world again and seek out some demos
  2. If I could have several systems. Life would be so much easier. But the budget doesn't allow for that. I will look at the pre amp route and see how that works out.
  3. Hi thank you. Will a pre amp change the sound. I feel the amp is a little layed back. And with certain types of music superb.
  4. Hi Budget around £800 second hand Listening tastes are eclectic. Bulk of listening. Difficult but probably blues and rock. But I do love classical
  5. Hi all, I am looking for some system advice or perhaps some thoughts on potential changes I can make to my current system. My current system: arcam fmj A38 amp, arcam CDS27 streamer/cd player, Systemdek 11x turntable running through a Graham Slee phono stage into B&W 602s2. Whilst the sound to my ears is very good, vocals and sound stage are great however it seems to lack pace. I had thought speakers, but am now leaning towards the amp. Many moons ago I had a Sugden A28 amp running into Whafedale 505.2s. I am looking for the sort of bass speed that these speakers gave me. Perhaps with a bit more bass as they were a little light on bass even though it was superb. I even bought a set of 505.2s thinking it was the B&Ws but it's not the same. John Lee Hookers Boom Boom album 3rd track is my go to track. Sorry about the long rambling questions . Cheers
  6. @PWS Thank you for the clarification. I think I will order a pair of the TDB -6s But may give Alan a ring first.
  7. @PWS Hi great account of your setup journey Although I am unsure of you conclusions. Did you find all of your music was a little lean? Keen to understand why you seem unsure. although you say they are keepers.
  8. @PWS looking forward to your updates. The TDB -6 definitely look good and the various reviews I have read sound promising
  9. Morning all I wondered if anyone had tried the Tdb-6s with an Arcam amp? I currently run a FMJ A38 into B&W 602 s2s. I have been looking to upgrade the B&Ws for sometime. I haven't auditioned anything yet and have a budget of around £1000. Was going to try Dali Oberon 5s Qacoustics 3050i and had looked at the second hand market for PMC Gb1s. Listening tastes are varied. Classic rock,blues, classical, jazz and acoustic. I came across the Kralks and they seem to get very favourable reviews. So just needing a little bit of insight from current users Cheers
  10. Hi Natlepan,

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