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  1. In discussing a possible deal on an ex-dem pair of Audio Note AN-J SPE speakers with a dealer I've discovered that the RRP has risen from £3800 in 2013 (I have a price list from this year) to £6100 today. A 60% increase in just 8 years! Is this exceptional or the norm? Is the latest version of this speaker actually any better than the 2013 model?
  2. Why would anyone who is unable (or unwilling?) to discern differences between power cables want to become a member of a hi-fi forum? I just don't understand why we're having - yet again - this circular argument between empiricists and theoreticians when there's a massive audio cable industry catering to the needs of audio enthusiasts who can appreciate the very real benefits that well-designed cables (power or otherwise) deliver. The fact that science can't yet provide an explanation for these benefits simply means that our knowledge is incomplete! Why is this simple and obvious truth so unacceptable to objectivists? How do they think science progresses if not on the basis of empirical evidence? Audio objectivists believe that they are defending science by denying the experiences of vast numbers of audiophiles when in fact they are doing just the opposite.
  3. Any chance of despatching this tomorrow with RMSD?
  4. Precisely what do they tell you? Where music reproduction is concerned, timing anomalies are far more objectionable to the auditory system than frequency response errors. With the design of their Supernait 3 integrated amplifier, even Naim have come to realise that.
  5. They really get my goat too Frequency response curves tell you bugger all about a speaker's abilities, but then some people would rather pore over the measurements than go to all the trouble of actually listening...
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iYim2t1czg According to the designer it uses a NF type phono stage (see 1:40) and only the A110 and above use a CR type. Not sure what the difference is. I'm surprised that the 14-day cooling off period doesn't apply in Portugal (thought it applied throughout the EU). That does make buying hi-fi online a bit of a problem.
  7. Dom, DAC 3.1x Balanced, which is supposed to be the sweet spot in the range. I find that the Denon 2500 player has all the exquisite musical flow of the AN but adds a lot more impact/drive and extracts a phenomenal amount of detail from CDs (I don't do streaming or listen to downloads). The only areas where I feel the AN DAC has the edge are soundstaging and, to a lesser extent, tone/timbre, but those are recognised strengths of all valve DACs. I also have to say that I had a slight preference for the DCD-1600/PMA-1600 used in CD player/amp mode as opposed to CD transport/DAC/amp mode. Turntable and cartridge are Bauer DPS3 and Goldring Ethos, phono stage is a Puresound P10, step-up transformer is a vintage 6:1 Partridge (can't remember the model number). When I had the PMA-1600 I didn't feel the need to compare phono stages as I was enjoying the Denon so much. I can't comment on differences between the DAC and phono stage implementations but, as I say, I'd certainly opt for the 2500 if its bulk/weight isn't a problem.
  8. Another Denon fan here. If the Denon amps' performance mirrors that of the SACD players then I'd say it's definitely worth paying the extra £900 or so for the PMA-2500NE. I have owned the PMA-1600NE and was shocked at how coherent/natural sounding it was for a (fairly) powerful class AB solid-state amp. (Perhaps a result of the use of just a single pair of high-current MOSFETs per channel in the output stage?) The phono stage is really good, too. I have also owned the DCD-1600NE and DCD-2500NE SACD players (the latter I still own) and the 2500 is quite a bit more refined than the 1600. Much to my surprise, I've come to prefer it overall to my Audio Note DAC and the build quality (it's made in Japan) is amazing for what is, by high-end standards, an inexpensive item.
  9. Arghh, I've been rumbled! (Although as a recent customer of DA I think I'm going to fail in my endeavour.) According to Simon's website, he offers Standard and Enhanced versions of his Model 7 preamp and he lists the parts used in each. That sounds like an "off the shelf" product to me (and nothing wrong with that). Enjoy your amplifiers, gentlemen!
  10. Yes, but as there's a dealer (Definitive Audio) involved, who knows what their markup might be? For some of us £5000 for a high quality preamp is justifiable, whereas £10000 would be absolutely out of the question!
  11. Well, if he's at all interested in attracting new customers (and as a one-man operation, perhaps he isn't) I beg to differ, but thanks anyway for giving me an idea of the preamp prices.
  12. Nice. So a perfectly valid criticism of his marketing strategy is "moaning", is it?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I still think it would be more welcoming and helpful to potential customers to at least state that "prices start at..." (we're not talking Kondo price levels, are we?).
  14. Shouldn't have to ring/email them! Even they - the only UK dealer - post very nice, flowery descriptions of SJS amps on their website without once mentioning prices.
  15. Is the lack of pricing information for Simon Shilton's amplifiers intended to convey an air of exclusivity ("If you need to ask, Sir,...")? I like the look of his Model 3 phono preamplifier but, good grief, I do find his refusal to publish RRPs off-putting (and oh-so pretentious)!
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