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  1. Blue Brazil - Bluenote in a Latin groove.
  2. Yes you did look tonight like the Villa without Grealish.
  3. What's your name ?.....then we can stop thinking your nearly bewildered ?
  4. I want bigger everything ! .........but that's living in a hovel for you.
  5. So I am guessing if we tested you and had 9 cables for under a fiver and one 20k m....(.and you could keep it if you chose right) you would choose the expensive cable ?
  6. Haha....I saw them at the Odeon for that tour. Bought the poster & put it up on my bedroom wall. Our dad had a fit because nan might have seen it when going to the loo. Memories eh Col.
  7. would be massive if you could finish above the reds ? Even if you have the best season in yrs it wont have same effect unless you do UTV.
  8. Scratch - Internet radio. ( old school reggae)
  9. Do you think it's too early to get your "E.F.C. number 1 in Liverpool" t shirts printed Baz ? You would make a few quid ?
  10. Arvo Part - Summa. Paavo Jarvi & The Estonian National symphony Orchestra.