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  1. Hi Phil...I spent a long time writing a pm with all the relevants. After 20 attempts to send I have now lost the will to live. So will have some tea. Different computer now & still the same. It seems your profile wont accept msgs ? M.
  2. Hi...For what it's worth...I have been messing with Tab 10's in my system for a while. If you are pretty happy with the sound it could maybe just that hifi itch for something a bit warmer ? You don't necessarily have to buy hardware to see if that's what you may like. Spend £15 on some 8mm sorbothane & buy some of the heavy dynamat. By placing the sorbothane under the feet of dac/pre/streamer & testing the damping of your components with dynamat placed on top of the chassis of components will alter the sound & take "edge" that you mention off ? You've got nowt to lose & for a small outlay you can tweak to taste. It works & in the process you learn about damping & isolation & how it significantly effects the sound. Good luck. M.
  3. Really nice rack. So much better than the generic overpriced offerings from the trade. There must be some one down south that thinks like me. Good luck. M.
  4. Have you chatted to the guys on page 4 ? More.
  5. Hi...I used to own a CXN 1. I think it is a one box (if your happy with that) system. If you are inclined to swap around over time then buy a box not necessarily with a dac included. The reason I sold mine was that when I added a half decent dac it sounded pants. No thought had been given to the digital output. I think the Cambridge units are ok & tweaked to sound nice on their own. They are not made to chop & change with. Hope this helps. Mark.
  6. Thanks for looking. This item has now sold. M.
  7. 3 people have been in touch & Joolz has first refusal. It looks like it has sold now.
  8. For sale is my BASE Audio platform. 52.5cm × 42.5cm. Black. £60+ P&P (Discount for minimalistic music lovers / Aston Villa supporters & folks who only buy bargains). It is large in size but the feet will sit on the top of a standard rack. Would be ideal for a turntable or indeed any audio components. Provides good isolation. I have replaced the small rubber feet with sorbothane pads as recently it has only been used with a network bridge & apple disk drive on top. New rubber pads can be bought for just a few pence. Ideally it would best be used with heavier equipment to take advantage of the floating suspension system. It Is in pretty good condition with a few light scratches seen in a certain light. Cheers. M.
  9. Hi...would like an old style quadraspire rack. Standard size preferably in some kind of wood finish. Four shelves.. maybe with the bottom shelf having slightly having more room for an amp/maybe not. Any age/ condition considered. I wont see it . Cheers. M. " utv "
  10. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    Still available. Still a bargain. Still the Villa remain in the Premier League. UTV ☺
  11. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    Yes that's fine Paul. Pm me all of your details. M.