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  1. Modern Jazz Quartet - At Music Inn with Sonny Rollins.
  2. The Modern Jazz Quartet - At The Music Inn with Jimmy Giuffre.
  3. It should get cheaper as we get older...dont forget to pull your ear lobes forward now & again to remind you how good your ears used to be. It's the cheapest/best upgrade for over 50s
  4. David Byrne - Rei Momo. Great album.
  5. Muddy Waters/Johnny Winter - Hard Again.
  6. Just let it go...it doesnt really matter. Put a tune on & forget about it
  7. Well if you cant be arsed your missing out? Pure nostalgia & I remember those 2 albums offered something different in a time of plagiarised rock. It was also something light in politically vibrant U.K. Pure escapism....& enjoyed today .
  8. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells....& a couple off Platinum,QE2,& Incantation.
  9. Underground Resistance - Electronic Warfare 2. * A great album but Amazon pics reveals a cover I had not noticed ? It was always just a 4x4 in the dark.
  10. And Valentina Lisitsa, Branka Parlic, Sally Whitwell, Kata & Marielle Labeque...just to up the correctness.
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