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  1. Hi...would like an old style quadraspire rack. Standard size preferably in some kind of wood finish. Four shelves.. maybe with the bottom shelf having slightly having more room for an amp/maybe not. Any age/ condition considered. I wont see it . Cheers. M. " utv "
  2. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    Still available. Still a bargain. Still the Villa remain in the Premier League. UTV ☺
  3. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    Yes that's fine Paul. Pm me all of your details. M.
  4. garn63

    Now Sold. Thx.

    For Sale...Audioquest Rocket 11 Speaker Cable. 2 × 5m. (Black) £65 firm which includes 1st class postage. 2 banana plugs amp end & 4 bananas for speaker end. Please use Google for all the spec/reviews etc. I bought these from a member recently. However due to early onset of old fool desease I didn't measure the length I required & instead trusted my memory of a previous cable purchase. I was 1.5m short. So they are up for grabs again at the good price I paid. Cheers. M.
  5. Hi Rabski. .have tried to pm you but no joy.... So would like to make an offer of £65. Am happy if you send next week & as cheaply as poss. Regards. Mark
  6. Thanks for the kind comments guys. It's a strange world. 😁 Maybe if I called them "Gold Audio Premium special edition Black Cats" (endorsed by God) come fully loaded with colossal upgrades... I might create some interest ? Nah.....😉
  7. Hi Damian. They are just my own stands that I use for any bookshelf speaker. The main thing is getting the Kralks the required distance from the wall (for balance & your own tastes) and toe-ing in again for best sound. I wouldn't recommend having them any further than 7ft apart. The stands are not available so that's your call 😀 M.