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  1. Hi....I fancy trying these little speakers. Not worried about the colour but the condition is important. Hopefully a member who was once just as curious may now want to part with a pair ? Thx alot.
  2. Hi Graham...I have an Ixos 1m digital coax that will do the job. Flexible, well shielded, and has locking WBT Rca connectors. £15 inclusive of postage. Pm me if interested. Regards. Mark.
  3. I can't believe you haven't sold these. They are well made and look good with a large box type monitor on top. I used them in 80s with some big Rogers. Great stands and ridiculously heavy when filled...have the bump on me.
  4. Hi...have you still got it ? It looks black like the one I own.☺
  5. Sounds good to me MF...will PM you with my email.
  6. Hi ...For sale one pair of Rothwell RCA Attenuators -10 dB. £25 + p&p Used for a couple of days but my low wattage amp needs more power from the Pre. As new.
  7. Do the bump....remember Kenny ?
  8. Hi ..,I currently own a K3 integrated. It can be bought for a reasonable price. P.m me if interested. M.
  9. For sale: Atlas Voyager Rca to Rca interconnects. Self cleaning plugs. No wear. Good quality cable sensibly priced for a cheap upgrade. 1.0 m pair. And 0.5 m pair. £50 for both. +P&P I have the boxes but it will be a lot cheaper to post without ? Thx.
  10. The sombrero doesn't work at all. It's like listening to the carpet ? Will try the Foreign legion hat (with flaps down) and hopefully it will stop the second reflections from my kitchen cupboards. You never know do you ?
  11. Indeed it is true Gray+JandL. I just thought I would lighten things up with a fact ..that most people won't take seriously anyway 😊 Hifi is a strange world with a myriad of different opinions within it. Maybe if we designed a tweaked Alice band (with branding) and charged £20 for it ? Regards.
  12. Benny was always a dark horse...ask Miss Diane ? This upgrade definitely works. If you are cold and aging like me with dwindling hearing.. your onto a winner. 😀