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  1. Trygve Seim & Frode Haltli - Yeraz * found to listen to...prob a rec from here ?
  2. Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus. * Best recording of this album. Lovely.
  3. Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds * Van Gelder cut.
  4. Neil Young - After The Gold Rush cd
  5. Is this a later itineration of This Mortal Coil ?
  6. Sun Ra - 100 selected tunes. Listen to the playlist Sun Ra & Orchestra. On Qobuz https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/6985038
  7. Here's one to cheer up the Blue side of Liverpool. I was at the game behind the goal and could not believe what I had seen. Mark Walter's was winding up his fellow Brummies but to no avail. We won 4-2 in a "thriller at the Villa". Great Memories.
  8. They Sunday institution. Cerys Matthew's on 6 music.
  9. Am inclined to agree. Deezer is my bread & butter & Qobuz for Jazz & odd album or 2. Dont like albums with 30 sec samples (hoping you will buy) on Qobuz. Usually happens with more "obscure" stuff. Deezer does seem to have alot more diversity. Have embraced streaming & find that if you put the work in you dont have to listen to any fillers. All good.
  10. Crosby,Stills Nash,Young. Listen to the playlist Crosby Stills Nash Young on Qobuz https://open.qobuz.com/playlist/7007749 & press random
  11. John Mayall - The Turning Point. * Live.
  12. Fixt .......oh and I thoroughly agree.
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