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  1. Thanks for the kind comments guys. It's a strange world. 😁 Maybe if I called them "Gold Audio Premium special edition Black Cats" (endorsed by God) come fully loaded with colossal upgrades... I might create some interest ? Nah.....😉
  2. Hi Damian. They are just my own stands that I use for any bookshelf speaker. The main thing is getting the Kralks the required distance from the wall (for balance & your own tastes) and toe-ing in again for best sound. I wouldn't recommend having them any further than 7ft apart. The stands are not available so that's your call 😀 M.
  3. I live in N.Wales. I use a 4 pillar stand but don't load them so much that they are dead 😊
  4. I have an Oyaide usb cable. £25..and could save you a few quid ? I thought it was V. Good. M.
  5. Hi..for sale are my very nice ProAc tablette 10's. When purchased I asked for a nice cut of veneer & I think that request was kindly met. They are in Cherry and have a flat cut grain on the fronts & backs with a lovely Cherry burl on the top & sides. They have been used with a 25 watt per channel F5 amp so would imagine they could still loosen up a little. Have owned them for 12 months from new & then bought a second pair in mahogany which matches more of my furniture...hence they are up for grabs. I would like £700 firm + insured postage. (retail £1195). They are in fine condition and as I would personally want to receive them. Original box/manual etc. I love small monitors & these are my favourites. They wont shame any electronics you have downstream of them. Any questions please feel free to ask. M.
  6. For sale: Kralk Black Cats (bc-30) in perfect condition. Real wood veneer in satin black. Well made little speaker with LS3/5 dimensions. They are easy to drive (89db) and would suit valve or Roksan/Brio sounding class D amplification for a nice pairing. Can be placed near to the back wall to achieve the best balance/tone. Am looking for £250 & Postage. They will be double boxed when shipped. Thx for looking.
  7. Hi....I fancy trying these little speakers. Not worried about the colour but the condition is important. Hopefully a member who was once just as curious may now want to part with a pair ? Thx alot.
  8. Hi Graham...I have an Ixos 1m digital coax that will do the job. Flexible, well shielded, and has locking WBT Rca connectors. £15 inclusive of postage. Pm me if interested. Regards. Mark.
  9. I can't believe you haven't sold these. They are well made and look good with a large box type monitor on top. I used them in 80s with some big Rogers. Great stands and ridiculously heavy when filled...have the bump on me.
  10. Hi...have you still got it ? It looks black like the one I own.☺
  11. Sounds good to me MF...will PM you with my email.
  12. Hi ...For sale one pair of Rothwell RCA Attenuators -10 dB. £25 + p&p Used for a couple of days but my low wattage amp needs more power from the Pre. As new.
  13. Do the bump....remember Kenny ?
  14. Hi ..,I currently own a K3 integrated. It can be bought for a reasonable price. P.m me if interested. M.