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  1. The specially made Q Acoustics stands that were made to go with them are good. Not the cheapest but great as they bolt to the speakers. I got a deal inc the stands. Winner.
  2. They look good in the room. I heard very good things about these and I then heard a pair. I can confirm. Very impressive. Saw them for a good price too. Winner!
  3. MrDTuk

    WTD 2 x 30v transformer

    Thanks heaps for the offer but this is a bit more juice than I need. Many thanks, I'm sure another wammer would be interested...?
  4. MrDTuk

    WTD 2 x 30v transformer

    Absolutely, I will be in touch, but better take the number down...
  5. MrDTuk

    WTD 2 x 30v transformer

    Thanks. Do you know the VA? I may be interested.
  6. Hello all, I am looking for a 2 x 30v secondary centre tapped transformer for a project I am planning whereby I am building a power supply, Either EL, C, R core or toroidal depending, would love to hear any links, advice, recommendations etc...
  7. MrDTuk

    Naim molestation...

    Tristian, hello, are these the mods detailed on the acoustica site or something different? My 102 will be serviced, by me, at some point and i wouldn't mind at least reading about the possible improvements.
  8. trust me, I use the room every day and they sound great...
  9. Steve, in short, yes, get the Dynavector. I'm sure that many will agree with me on this. The sound is just better, it's not about volume but quality. I also have a small listening room and when I switched from Nait 3 to much more powerful Naim 102 / 180 I saw big improvements ni sound quality. Let us know how you get on...
  10. Easter Monday bumpety bump, £350 for these beauties
  11. Hello For sale a pair (x2) of Q Acoustics Qi65EW outdoor speakers in white, new, un-opened. I bought these recently for a patio I am building but now not required as we are using rock speakers. I understand these are very good as outdoor speakers mounted to a wall to bring music to your patio / garden etc... They are £400 rrp, new un-opened boxed x 2, I found a video on youtube here showing them unboxed etc... £275 for the pair & for ease I will include a courier to mainland uk so nobody needs to travel
  12. Br3098, Thanks for getting involved and the history. Always interesting to hear from other people and their journey with the Shahinian’s. Great to hear about your positive experience with the factory also. Sure we would all love to see pics of the Obelisks, I certainly would, so please do post a pic. Muggo, I’ve wondered about Compasses as my listening room / office is only 7.5 x 12.5 feet. My arcs sound epic but I know they would sound so much better if I wasn’t sat literally next to them
  13. Little update on my Arcs for Y'all. Big news is that I have recently sold my Nait 3 and in its replacement went to a 102/180 pair from Naim. both totally original, never serviced and never fiddled with What a change! oh my word these speakers love power and as good as my nait 3 sounded it just didn't have the goods needed to drive the Arcs. The 102/180 took about 24 hours to properly warm up as on a first run (cold) it sounded a bit flat but wow it is now singing.
  14. MrDTuk

    Naim molestation...

    Picture of inside to show us what has been done to this beauty???