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  1. My guess is the Organik for the ADSM will be 3k, but it will not arrive before 2023. It will be a trickle down (80% quality of the Klimax) version. If I had an old ADSM know, I would not upgrade to a Katalyst, but wait for the new Organik dac.
  2. Went from Akurate ds/0 to Akurate Akurate dsm. Count me in for another 10. It’s a great source.
  3. This sounds maybe like a strange question, but which powercord do you use? A good Furutech can change the sound of the midds in a very positive way. Linn Silvers are okay, although music sounds better/warmer with a good Audioquest or Furutech.
  4. Can we please stop discussing about the knob. Just leave it unused. It’s only a knob. There are a lot of outputs on my Akurate DSM I never use. Never complained about them. If you can pay 30.000 you can also buy 500 for that fancy knob. You can also leave the remote unused: buy a longer interlink and put the Organik (or Selekt) on the couch, so you can use the knob.
  5. I’m convinced Linn will sell a lot Organiks. Because the price is higher than we used to, it will attract new consumers, who don’t care how much a product cost anyway. I’ve heard the Chord a few years ago and it made a positive impression. I liked it more than Naim, but haven’t compared them extensively.
  6. Compared to the top Naim streamer/preamp, someone finds the Organik a bargain.... You might argue that at £30k it’s quite reasonably priced compared with Naim products, since it includes a preamp and needs no additional power supplies. Compare it against the price of ND555 + CD555PSDR x 2 + NAC552DR, which I reckon is almost double the price, although with Naim, of course, you can build up to that system in steps, not having to buy it all at once.
  7. Me neither, but many speculate about that. I was referring more to the new Klimax appearance...
  8. You have to see the bigger picture. Imagine two big new D-class Klimax mono’s, left en right of this DSM, same case, without the knob. Will look fantastic!
  9. Well, I know where to invest now... powerstrip, powercords, speaker cables, interlinks....or.... wait for the new Linn class D amp.....
  10. Great looks! I like it. Build like a tank. I will wait two years....for the Akurate Organik.
  11. If I were to pay that much, I would want both...the sound and the looks.
  12. I think it’s time to move on. Twenty years is a record, but I get a bit bored when I see a Klimax. It’s time for something new!
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