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  1. On 23/04/2021 at 10:57, zephyr said:

    Greetings all 
    Last month I upgraded my Adsm to katalyst 

    it does sound great but at higher volumes gets a bit bright/ brassy sounding. Possibly an inherent limitation of my old system 
    I have Linn silver interconnects throughout the system. 

    I’m wondering if anyone has experimented with changing maybe just the first set of cables inputting to the amp to tone down the brightness  

    It’s a minor gripe as overall the change in detail and dynamics is wonderful  but you know how it is with us pedantics!

    when I get time I’ll pop down to my long suffering local dealer who doesn’t deal in Linn and ask for a couple of different options to try 

    Any recommendations gratefully received 

    I’m just off on a 4 day tramp over the Heaphy track so definitely off grid for a while. I look forward to any opinions when I return.   Many kiwis are enjoying buying tramping gear and exploring their own country for a change. The shops are sold out of quite a few items. 

    This sounds maybe like a strange question, but which powercord do you use?
    A good Furutech can change the sound of the midds in a very positive way.

    Linn Silvers are okay, although music sounds better/warmer with a good Audioquest or Furutech.

  2. Can we please stop discussing about the knob. Just leave it unused. It’s only a knob.
    There are a lot of outputs on my Akurate DSM I never use. Never complained about them.

    If you can pay 30.000 you can also buy 500 for that fancy knob. 

    You can also leave the remote unused: buy a longer interlink and put the Organik (or Selekt) on the couch, so you can use the knob.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Paulssurround said:

    One of our Linn dealers has 4 customers that have Indicated they are likely to order the new Klimax Organik DSM, so there appears to be a strong interest already. The cost doesn’t seem to be an issue.

    ‘In addition, the Linn dealer is going to upgrade their Katalyst 350’s to Organik.

    I’m convinced Linn will sell a lot Organiks.
    Because the price is higher than we used to, it will attract new consumers, who don’t care how much a product cost anyway. 

    I’ve heard the Chord a few years ago and it made a positive impression. I liked it more than Naim, but haven’t compared them extensively.

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  4. 4 hours ago, uk030 said:

    Compared to the top Naim streamer/preamp, someone finds the Organik a bargain....

    You might argue that at £30k it’s quite reasonably priced compared with Naim products, since it includes a preamp and needs no additional power supplies. Compare it against the price of ND555 + CD555PSDR x 2 + NAC552DR, which I reckon is almost double the price, although with Naim, of course, you can build up to that system in steps, not having to buy it all at once.

  5. 1 hour ago, MickC said:

    From an entirely personal point of view, I’m not yet that taken with the looks. I’ve always thought Klimax gear, up until now, looked elegant, which isn’t a word I’d apply to the new device.

    However, no doubt it’ll look better in person, and I’ll look forward to hearing one, even if it’s far beyond my financial reach. I hope it sells well even if I can’t have one! 😁


    You have to see the bigger picture. Imagine two big new D-class Klimax mono’s, left en right of this DSM, same case, without the knob. Will look fantastic!

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  6. 1 hour ago, akamatsu said:

    I would think that elevating the cables for one channel and not the other would produce an imbalance that would be noticeable. An easy way to test.

    I don’t know if my brain can differentiate that way.

  7. 1 hour ago, peter@57m said:

    I bought some and thought they made an improvement - couldn't be bothered to insert/remove them multiple times.  The ones I bought were inexpensive (now £17 for 6) as I thought presumed the idea was to get them off the floor with a small contact point on the cable.  Some are many 100's of GBP and I do not see how a very small contact point is going to be that impacted by material used.

    The ones I bought - think they were cheaper a few years ago - are:


    When looking for the Audioquest ones (£129 for 8) I found this interesting article:  https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/bunking-cable-lifters/

    Thanks, I didn’t know the existance of this nice article of positive-feedback! 👍

  8. I bought a few Audioquest fog lifters, to lift the speaker- and powercables a few inch from the ground. Just for the fun. And to protect cables from unwelcome noise and...it works! I mean, it’s easy to detect the differences: a bit more air, a bit more rhythm, a bit more detail, more dynamics, cleaner, more transparant, eveything is ligther and tigther. 

    There is less flesh to the bones. It’s less ‘earthy’ sounding. Every instrument seems to have less substance and body. I don’t know yet if I like this effect on the long term, but it’s definately easy to notice. 

    The lifters are very ligth. You can’t bend a K400 or other heavy cable on it; you have to follow the ‘rules of the cable’.

    Well, it’s a funny spider tweak. I think my wife will be shocked, if she sees them. 



  9. 16 hours ago, JensA said:

    The rest of the announcement however does not really point at a software release:

    OK, software developers might call themselves a software manufacturer but no, I think it‘s not about software.

    In case they want to present software I doubt they would call it game-changing: Perhaps I don‘t have the fantasy but I cannot imagine any game-changing streaming software innovation. A „better Roon“ ofcourse, but not something completely new.

    Therefore I do expect a new piece of hardware.

    I think JensA reads well and is right. Definitely no software. No MQA, but hardware.
    My guess: a totally new Klimax. New case. Bigger display. Looks a bit like the Selekt and new Magik design. Shiny gold would be nice... ;-) 
    New Akurate will appear two years later. Existing Akurate owners (like myself) have more time to get used to the idea of the new appearance, or save for the old Klimax Katalyst. New Akurate will beat the old Klimax/3, but there will be a lot of debate again. 

    Stop spending in feet, switches and powercords. We better start saving again! 

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