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  1. Can you clarify what you mean by that? Here's where I get lost. If one cable can perform differently to another cable, surely having 4x (4ft to 16ft) more of said cable should have a greater delta between the two. That said, I am definitely converging on the idea of going with this cable and cutting it to 16ft and 6ft and fitting banana plugs. But I am intrigued to hear what @MartinC has to say!
  2. Yeah, that's probably a good idea, it's not hard to "hide" 2ft, but it is hard once you have to start coiling it up.
  3. Apologies, the comment flew under my radar. Yes it is the setup I am currently running, but I've spliced (Bodged) the cable together to make it work, and to be honest they cables are getting very tatty now.
  4. Great response, always good to see it put in context! Out of interest is is "Van Damme 'hifi series'" a cable you'd recommend?
  5. Yes I am currently running it in that config. But one of the speakers cables isn't long enough so I've spliced it with another really cheap one for now. The (good) cables are getting kinda of old and tatty can could just with a refresh. Not sure what to get; I'd rather just get some bare cable (van damme, QED or Chord...) and just wire my own banana plugs on to it, rather than pay someone else marketing department.
  6. Wow, a lot of responses. And firstly fair enough, I guess I won't notice the difference. I was probably just going to get some BlueJeans cable (Belden 5000) or make up some Van Damme cable myself. I guess the point is that the cable adds resistance, and having a different impedances on the two speakers would be bad; but I guess the difference would be very small over these difference with the right gauge cable. Give this is the case, and that I have no intention of spending so much on the cable I'd consider selling it - then I guess I'll get it cut to size and not have to put up with having loads of slack. Just another quick question, is there a "go to" budget cable? I'd prefer to spend less than 50quid and will terminate with banana plugs. Cheers
  7. That'd mean that the cable from the left speaker would need to be even longer compared to the cable to the right speaker, but I could do that, yes. It'd also bring the speakers closer together which I'd of thought would have an impact on the stereo imaging/sound stage. If you are concerned about heat from the fireplace don't be, there is plenty of 'breathing' room and it doesn't get hot there.
  8. My system is much closer to one speaker than it is to the other as there is a fire place in the centre of my wall, speakers are then located to the edges of the walls and then the system is between the fireplace and the right speaker. Like this: <speaker> <gap> <fireplace> <system> <speaker> As a result I need about a 4ft length to get to the right speaker, and about 16ft to get to the other. Am I better off getting two 16ft lengths or should get the shortest for both, 16ft & 4ft? Additionally, if the answer is 2x16, what should I do with the all of the slack on the short side? I am getting a neat tight coil stuffed behind the hifi cabinet is not the correct answer.
  9. Don't worry, I'll keep you posted. Still wrapping up my last project, so will probably be a couple of weeks.
  10. Thanks, I am going to give that website a good read when I get a second and I didn't know about those programs, so I'll give those a run too. I stuck the numbers for a fe206 into the calculator and it came up with 6'5 tall and 14inches deep, 10inches wide. One of the things I like about the BIB design is that these calculators exists so I can at least make the mark 1 version of this speaker follow these guidelines and deviate later.
  11. The calculators suggest around 6'. I can do that! no problem. They just sound "good". They don't blow you away though. Great, that's good to know. Helps to set expectations now.
  12. Hmmm, so I have read this about ex2s, but I also read that that is what the BIB design excelled at - I was sort of hoping that they'd even themselves out - or is that not how this works. I am not sure into a HUGE bass sound, but I do like the bass to be detailed and precise. For record I am currently using some mid range midium size B&Ws (DM560s), it should be a step up from these either way right? So long as I am moving forward I am reasonably happy. So if this speed extends across its frequency range even into the little bass you purport it to have I think I am going to happy! By this do you mean a loudspeaker which has separate tweeters, mids and woofer separated with crossovers? I'll be honest, I really want something simple, the reason being I am very comfortable with the wood working component but I don't really want to get too bogged down in getting the cross over and driver pairing right on my first build. A full range driver is very appealing to me for this reason. Great input, I'll do the maths. That might. steer me into getting the Jordan as it's a small driver and thus more likely to be head height (rather than a bit above it) - but I've not done the calculations yet. Oh yeah, and I already realise this. With the few speakers I own. I am just interested to know whether the result of say a 700quid investment is going to sound more like a £100 speaker or a £2000 speaker - assuming I walked into any old hifi shop and put subjectivity to aside. Anyway, thanks a lot for your contribution. Glad to hear some opinions on the Lowther .
  13. I am hoping to build some back horn cabs for full range drivers; but I'd like some input on whether this idea is suitable for situation before I invest. I listen to all sorts of music include 70s rock, jazz but also classical & electronic to less degrees. I currently have a Quad 303 driven from a Croft Super Micro pre. My room is rough 18ft by 23, but it's not a perfect rectangle - at all. See picture: The design I had in mind was to build some large BIB cabs using the online calculates to work out their dimensions and either put in some Fostex 206, Jordan Eikona or even Louther EX2s. In them. Are all these drivers suitable for a BIB design, and the design suitable for the room and music styles I listen to & equipment I alred o? Secondly if I go for the larger of those (the 206 and EX2s) the cabs would be really big and they port out to the top. Do I need to consider the height of the ceiling? They're going to be a little over 6ft, my room height is just over 8ft. Third I do most of my listening sitting down, if the cabs are really big, then the speaker itself is going to be quite high up, could this present an issue too? Finally if I do a reasonable job at putting these together, what should I reasonably expect in terms of audio quality; I know this is very subjective - but I'd like to set my expectation now? Thanks for the input!
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