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  1. Peter, first of all: whatever you do - under all circumstances avoid to bring apple-whatsoever software in contact with your Hi-res-files! It will destroy them and you’ll end up with mp3!!!! I am speaking from my own sad experience - a lot of frustration lies behind me. That being said: I recommend a Server with enough storage for the next years ahead for your music and possibly your movies and TV-shows if you have those or intend to store some. It’s relatively easy to set up - basically you install the server, add the files and plug and play them using your Linn App/Kazoo. In my case, I use a Qnap Server on which I run Twonky Media, a software that makes the files appear in you Linn App/Kazoo. But that’s just one solution, plenty of which I’m sure you’re about to read here soon. Best, Alex
  2. To me it's the best way to listen to the albums i'm thinking about buying as vinyl 😉
  3. ...same with the family subscription: not available in Germany - they just turned off the ability to use several iphones at a time - while you can still use it on several Linn DSMs at once....
  4. To even offer mp3 is a crime to music and questioned the credibility of a streaming service that's proud of offering Hi-Res quality...
  5. you're right, I put the actual subscriptions in my other reply to the main post
  6. In Germany there's CD-quality: FLAC 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz for 20€/month or 200/year Hi-Res: FLAC 24-Bit up to 192 KHz for 25€/month or 250/year Hi-Res streaming incl. the option for reduced prices on downloads for 300/year. What's more to say: Qobuz sounds much better than tidal Both sound by far better than "Amazon Music HD" Qobuz downloads still sound somehow better than when you stream I really wish Qobuz would learn at least 10% of what Spotify is able to do in terms of playlists, usability, ... - I use Spotify just to have playlists that show me new music that match my taste and then listen to them on Qobuz 😉 And to add, besides of the digital discussion: On an LP12 everything sounds better anyway 😉
  7. Maybe I was not clear: Tidal offers just 1411kb/s - regular CD quality. Qobuz has a subscription that offers the same quality - and as you referred to it being cheaper I was thinking that you compare both subscriptions on the same quality level. Qobuz also offers - in the higher priced subscriptions- 24bit quality up to 24/192 - that’s Hi-Res. Qobuz calls their quality levels mp3, CD and studio.
  8. This happens while you’re just comparing CD quality – Try what happens if you upgrade your Qobuz subscription and listen to Hi-Res...😉
  9. @Tendaberry would you agree? I'd also go with Karousel and Lingo, can't decide which one first.
  10. Hi there - same here: Every now and then Kazoo stays on "waiting for room" while - at least not to my knowledge - nothing on the network has been changed. My troubleshooting is: Deleting and reinstalling Kazoo - voilà: everything works just fine again. Also installed the Lumin App which then still works fine.
  11. Does anyone have an update here? Both sites are not available anymore... 😞
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