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  1. That's great. I'll close this now. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  2. There is one advert running at the bottom of the site, will be there for 1 week for data. I have made it as small as possible(smaller than it was) Shouldn't cause any issues going forward but if it does, let me know. Roo.
  3. Can you share how you are viewing the forum. If you can catch the visual issue with a screen shot that would be ideal also.
  4. Can I ask how you are all accessing the forum on mobile? browser, tapatalk, etc?
  5. Working on a mobile fix at the moment. Apologies for any issues.
  6. I'm trying to get access to it and it will be squashed ASAP.
  7. Hi Ronnie, Forum should be all up and running and Guest friendly again! Roo.
  8. I think I've found the issue, If the ads still show up can you please @ me in your posts or send me a DM! Again sorry about this! Roo
  9. Right, just coming across this, I can only imagine i've unearthed some form of demon when cleaning up the back end of the forum. I run adblockers locally so I've not seen it, i'll get on top of it now! Sorry about this! Roo
  10. Hi gents, Sorry for the slow reply! This was a deliberate move on my behalf but I will be reverting it back to the old ways. today. All the best! Roo
  11. Hi chaps, There will be some changes not only in venue but format also. Once the dust settles on everything that is going on. I will start to point out the facts going forward! Thanks!
  12. I still don't have full access to who has paid, But If you DM me we can sort a refund out no issues!
  13. Dear Fellow Wammers, My name is Roo, I am the son of the owner of HiFi Wigwam (Rachel). The purpose of this post is to inform all forum members of some important changes. Effective immediately, Peter (the previous admin) no longer has any involvement in the forum. There are aspects of the changes you may consider positive, but one you most likely will not. Some members may be aware of my mother and Peter’s relations and other business. Unfortunately, everything has been left in somewhat of a mess, and my mother is also currently in hospital. First and foremost, I do not propose to make any major changes to the forum or to promise things that are impossible or that go against the wishes of the majority of forum members. I am now aware of some of the problems with the forum and of issues members have raised. My main work is as a developer, so the site itself will be my first focus, with the aim of resolving the problems. The bad news is that although it was my mother’s strong wish for the 2021 show to go ahead, with a heavy heart I have to announce that we have no option but to postpone it until the spring. We are aware some members would have anyway preferred this, though we also know it will be a disappointment to many. Regrettably, most of the arrangements appear not to have been completed, to the extent that the hotel cannot actually offer the required space, as they are carrying out some works. We initially propose making it a two-day event again (i.e., setup on Saturday, ticketed visitors on Sunday as it used to be), which seems to be most people’s preference. We also suggest running the show on the 26th and 27th March, but we would be happy to be flexible to suit all the exhibitors. Under any circumstances, we will refund any exhibitor payments made by any member who does not wish to continue participating. We appreciate and are grateful for the support of the forum members and we understand that the forum and its future depends on you, more than on us. The forum will return to being the best of its type, and to being run primarily as a forum for its members. With our thanks, Rachel and Roo.
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