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  1. Ha ha what a plonker
  2. But you yourself broke the lockdown, to pick up your speakers.
  3. Viven

    Funny pics

    Our fantastic health minister
  4. Finally some good news about Covid-19
  5. Musical Fidelity Xray v3 CD player, made in uk Castle Harlech S2 speakers, made in UK NAD C370 intergrated and NADC270 power amp,made in China if i remember longer have the boxes to check.
  6. Covid-19 Is not fussy about who it infects .success to Boris Also Till Lindermann (Rammstein) apparently is in ICU
  7. Thats not good news.I sincerely hope you can avoid the virus .
  8. Belgium beer never ......But English beer, most defiantly.
  9. It is just one of many scenarios that could result in transmission of Covid-19. I am sorry if I come across as a bit rude but FFS what will it take for people to understand how serious this is. Some people may think the rules don't apply to them, but the rules apply to everyone. I live in Belgium and we have been in lockdown now for over a week, no its not fun and I probably don't have a job anymore at the end of this but I stay indoors and abide by the rules for the safety of myself and other citizens. Why should the medical profession risk their own lives when some people really don't think of others.
  10. So you are have broken the rules! Unfortunately this type of behaviour by entitled people will not help the situation at all. You may think, oh I have no symptoms but it has a long incubation period. Now let's say you are infected with the coronavirus (hope you are not) and whist driving you are involved in an accident. The paramedics turn up the police turn up, any number of these you could infect. Paramedicas carry on working till they develop symptoms of Coronavirus that they have caught off of you. In the meantime how many have they infected. Sorry I don't mean to be a twat, but in these times people need to do the right thing and stay at home unless it's vital. I sincerely hope you derive so much pleasure from your system that it was worth the risk
  11. Serious question,I thought the UK was in lockdown?
  12. Need something with a bit of oomph after over a week in lockdown ,starting to feel lazy . Must say though fantastic song and video.
  13. The wife and i finally watched the Irishman. We both thought it was about 2 hours longer that it needed to be. IMO way overrated.
  14. Viven

    Listening Chair

    Spending an evening listening with a few bottles of beer or a nice whisky, bladder not so strong as it was when you where younger. Then this is ideal