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  1. A couple of weeks ago bought a CD player and an Intergrated Amplifier without hearing them first. Didn't have much choice due to everything being closed. Very pleased with them both but ideally would like to listen first... Did find it a bit unnerving
  2. Viven

    Great Covers

    Irish band Aslan, great cover of Pink Floyd, wish you were here. Even David Gilmour has said he likes this.
  3. Hope you have more luck than this gentleman
  4. I have always prefered CD over vinyl, I must admit though I love looking at the albim art of a vinyl cover. Where CD wins for me personally is just pop a CD into a cd player and press a button, no cracks or pops. When I have had one too many beverages of the alcoholic kind, last thing I want to be doing is faffing around with an expensive needle.
  5. Viven

    New speakers

    Thanks everyone for your advice and opinions, been helpful. I listened to my system until 4am this morning and really can't complain about anything. I have decided to wait till ife is back to normal and then audition some speakers and try and work out if indeed I can better my Harlechs without spending a big wedge of euros. Until then I think I will sit back,, relax and listen to some music enjoying what I have.
  6. Viven

    New speakers

    That came out wrong
  7. Viven

    New speakers

    It's interesting what you say, maybe I need to wait until this virus is finished and get to some demonstrations. I can brush up a bit on some speaker brands in the meantime. Thanks for the offer, I may do that if I come up empty handed.
  8. Thats rather nice looking, as for the green one
  9. Viven

    New speakers

    Think it's definitely best to wait till this virus thing is behind us and then get some demonstrations arranged,but yes I do have an itch and I blame the wife lol. I suppose with this lockdown I have time to read many reviews and maybe contemplate if in fact my speakers do anything wrong.
  10. Viven

    New speakers

    Been married for 26 years so wife is definitely a keeper
  11. Viven

    New speakers

    Not really at the moment, would have to stand the cost of shipping.
  12. Viven

    New speakers

    Trouble is I don't think it falls short in any particular area. I can listen for hours and don't find it fatiguing. It's just since the wife suggested new speakers I am wondering if I can better the sound.
  13. Viven

    New speakers

    She suggested new speakers because then I would have a completely new system 🙂
  14. Viven

    New speakers

    I too have a soft spot for my Harlech s2 and really have no idea where to start looking. It's just being forced to replace my amp has me in a position of wondering if / with what I should replace the Harlechs with. To be honest my setup sounds good and am enjoying more than the NAD. Question is can I better them for the money I have available?
  15. Viven

    New speakers

    Budget is around 1500 euro possible up to 2000 euro. 400 to 600 pounds is a very bad exchange rate