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  1. Emperor - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
  2. And where is your unequivocal proof that that's just the way it is?
  3. Took a trip to Nederland today and now enjoying my purchase listening to Buckethead -Colma
  4. Within Temptation - An Acoustic Night at the Theatre
  5. Iron Maiden - Powerslave One of the finest metal albums of all time.
  6. I have been following what's been happening in the UK from here in Belgium with interest. I can assure you our government is just as stupid. Everything is being relaxed here and the Delta variant is around 3.9 % of cases up from 1.7% a few weeks ago and steadily growing according to the virologists. Belguim has sort of followed the same vacination path as the UK, concentrating on the 1st dose. Most at risk citizens have been given AstraZeneca and now have to waiting12 weeks till the beginning /mid August to get the second dose whilst the younger and not at risk are being fully protected with phizer after 5 weeks Belgium government promised at risk to be vacinated first but will now be last and they know the AstraZeneca vacine is pretty useless against Delta variant until after the second shot. Governments usually think of their own political ends before the citizens needs. I hope you all remain safe in the UK.
  7. Theatres Des Vampires - Candyland Melodic Black/Gothic Metal from Italy
  8. Viven

    Foo alert

    Suprised Russ Andrews isnt selling this. At least you get more for your money than with Process Q.
  9. CD,'s in my house are alive and well.I usually purchase 4 or 5 CD,'s every month, CD library is about 3500 CD,'s .Also recently purchased a new CD player as my Musical Fidelity is getting on for 20 years old (Now packed away as a spare).
  10. Hopefully they will get back together.
  11. This track is my favourite from Anethema, beautiful vocal, so full of emotion.
  12. Arckanum - ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ
  13. Very good band indeed, along with Peaceville records other signings My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost they did much to further the cause of the Death Doom Metal in the 1990,s. I do like very much how Anethema have evolved.They have released some beautiful music over the years.
  14. The Queen of Metal. Doro - Classic Diamonds
  15. Have her CD,'s truely wonderful artist
  16. Axelle Red - Un cœur comme le mien Very sexy album.
  17. This might be more appropriate for your frame of mind. Lemmy and Co what and artist and a supprissing gentleman the late Lemmy was. Hard to belive he will be gone 6 years this December. Motorhead - No Sleep At All
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