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  1. Good morning 😊 Again, thanks for the responses, Martin - Appreciate your thoughts thank you. It would be nice to have the dedicated streamer arranged in the way you explain as this would be more efficient and look nicer I think. However, I wasn’t sure if I would gain much audibly at the price point of £5-700 steamer. jas0_0 - Thank you for your time. I think I may look to audition something along these lines when the current climate permits. At least then I will be able to determine how happy I am with my current setup. With regard to bypassing the macbook’s internal processing, apart from Tidal’s own solution, is there a recommended software media player I should try for using Spotify etc? I’ve read a lot about ROON but fairly sure there might be cheaper solutions out there? If I’m using a MacBook I may as well try and make it the best as possible. Many thanks all and best regards
  2. Thank you for your kind responses. Amormusic - Thankyou for the advice, I would definitely audition an option before spending that sort of money. Thank you for the offer of a test with the CXN maybe in the future after all of this. I’m located in the SW but am often passing through Bristol. 😊 MartinC - Thank you for your reply, I cant say I’m too bothered aesthetically about having the MacBook connected by USB to the CXA-61. I think it’s a nicer sound than via Bluetooth from the MacBook or iPhone. To my ears anyway. 😊
  3. Good evening, Many thanks for taking the time to write a detailed reply, very helpful and informative. I’m currently content with utilising the MacBook as the streamer, I think saving my pennies to upgrade to the DAC you mentioned one day will be the next logical investment. Very best regards Craig
  4. Good afternoon, I was after a little advice please regarding potential bang for buck improvements reference streaming. I currently stream spotify/Mixcloud/soon to be tidal music utilising my MacBook Pro connected to CA CXA-61 by USB cable utilising the CXA-61 onboard DAC. The CA is wired to MA Bronze 6 floorstanders. I guess my question is whether much improvements could be had from a dedicated streamer in the 5-700 pound budget i.e. Bluesound, instead of the MacBook? I understand that beauty is in the ear of the beholder but in your experiences, would I be getting 5-700 pounds worth of improvements with a streamer, or could the money be better utilised in another area e.g. DAC, or not at all? Many thanks in advance Regards Craig
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