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  1. I had a first and second listen to the Glyn Johns mix which I had never heard before and was very curious about. But I can see now why the Beatles rejected it. The mixes are on itself ok, they made me think of the mixes on the Rock&Roll Music compilation double album, but the choice of takes are messy and could have been more neat. The takes Spector used combined with the way Glyn Johns mixed the tracks would have made a fine Let it Be or Get Back album IMO.
  2. I prefer not to go active to be honest, the only thing that I consider is changing the power amp or leave it as it is (which is not too bad either )
  3. Dear all, I have an ADSM/3 with an A2200 power amplifier. Lately I get the feeling that I would like to get a bit more ‘weight’ in my sound and a little less dry. So I plan to visit my hifi dealer in a few weeks to do some listening. But before I do, I would like to have some ideas and learn from your experiences. I was wondering what poweramps do or did you use with your DSMs, positive, negative experience with other brands or just keep it Linn? thanks in advance!
  4. Huge Beatles fan here. I prefer and believe that the Naked version should have been how they should have done it in the first place, or maybe even the Glyn Johns mix, who knows I never heard it. But..I grew up with the Spector version and that is the one I keep playing and consider as original. I have the same feeling with the Giles Martin remixes. Although they are impressive and well done, I prefer the originals.
  5. Having compared both on my Akurate Katalyst, I like Tidal because the sound is a bit more direct and more vivid than Qobuz. I also like their app better and in the Linn App TIDAL offers more browsing capabilities. Also their catalog has less clutter than Qobuz. However, from a hifi point of view, Qobuz sounds better and leans more towards my music taste than the rap and hiphop style of Tidal. And then there is of course the real Hires instead of MQA. off topic, I also have an Apple one family subscription so ideally, now that they do lossless, I want Apple Music on my DSM without having to go via AirPlay and save on Qobuz.
  6. I hope Linn will incorporate Apple Music Lossless in our DSM’s the same way as Tidal and Qobuz. Apple Lossless over AirPlay makes no sense
  7. I have a 5m AQ Vodka between my Urika II and my ADSM/3 and could not be happier. It would take taking the trampoline off to try or test other cables which is not easy and I am not prepared to do but perfectly happy with the Vodka
  8. I use the Deco M9 system from TPlink, works like a charm with the Linn app and kazoo with minim and asset. I am also an Akurate DSM user
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