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  1. Hi I have an 1978 AKAI AA-1125 receiver thats in excellent condition sound good that I could offer. Everything works as it should. PM if you're interested
  2. Now I have sold my SONY PS 4750 and my Lenco L75 I have bought a JVC Y3F and looking for a 2nd unit. Got around £550-600 to spend and would like the following features Semi Auto (min) Good Arm VTA Not hung up on brand but have had 2x Sony DDs 2 GL75s Idlers Ariston Belt Drive Currently using a vintage Sony STR 7055 with Kef / Celestion speakers Any of you recommend something interesting to look at. Thanks Stew Stewart
  3. Absolutely cracking soul track, one of the best ever Stewart
  4. Hi I think I have one, will measure it and get back to you.
  5. Hi there No the auto functions work, its the damping oil, which appears to be on its way out. I would try to undertake the job myself but even after downloading the service manual, theres no instructions on how to remove the tonearm and get to the reservoir, and being an electronic TT id rather not dive straight in and break something
  6. vinyl4ever

    Cue damping

    Hi all Just purchased a JVC QL Y3F turntables at the weekend. Its a sweet sounding turntable from the early 80s but as always theres a secret issue. Mine is the cueing damping fluid appears to be gone. My question is does anyone know of a good service engineer who could help, pref in yorks / derbys / lincs region Stewart
  7. Hiya, yes I understand what you were saying it was that I havent heard of that range of carts and wanted more info. Stewart
  8. Hi Chivas Cant say im familiar with thst range of carts, whats your expereince with them? Stewart
  9. Thanks everyone for you input, most tof the cartridges I have are in the budget field. AT95, Ortofon VMS 30, SHURE 95, Nagoaka MP11. Goldring system range. Basically all around.£70 mark. Im looking at either an upgrade to a better cartridge lets say £120-200 or upgrade to a ext phono stage with current carts for time being. Thanks Stewart
  10. Aside from finding the sound that you like, does anyone on hear have a limit or ratio of cartridge cost to Turntable / Amp / Speakers etc. I run a Sony PS 4750 through a STR7055 receiver and Celestion Ditton 33s. As you will tell its a vintage 70s set up. Im looking to experiment with different MM cartridges and wondered what sort of price limit I should look to as a maximum. Not that I particularly want to spend my maximum Thanks Stewart Stewart
  11. No DSP 100 Stewart
  12. Yes its a Yamaha Digital Sound Processor. I use to to create a 6 speaker config with CDs through my both my 1st and 2nd amp. Stewart
  13. Hi all Ive actually managed to sort it. Bith amps have 2x Tape facilities, plus the DSP has both a tape and line in facility. The DSP is connected to tape in/out of amp 2. My main stereo amp allows for tape copying / monitor between 1>2 & 2>1, so by connecting the rec out tape 2 from amp 1 into the line-in on the DSP, I can now choose to play my TT and CD either as a 2ch std hifi or push it through the rec out facility to AMP 2 via the DSP and i have 6 channel Dolby surround 1991 flavour. I think I may buy a CDR so I have 2 sources and a record facility to archive my LPs. Stewart