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  1. Hi all, Here's a quick one for you all. How does the Plinth surround separate from the plinth itself? I have some rather nice Black Walnut that I would like to replace the current softwood surround with, but it looks like its glued in. Has anyone tried to split them? Many thanks
  2. Yes it is. Plays beautifully too. "Borrowed" it from a mate and he told me to keep it. I play it tuned down a half a tone and use a capo to save the neck from too much stress.
  3. Hi all, The tonearm on my Linn Basik was dropping like a stone, with no damping whatsoever. I did a bit of reading and the solution was to use "Kilopoise" silicone grease in the lifter mechanism. I can confirm that this does the trick and you really don't need much of it! To that end I have a pot of it, which is not going to be used again anytime soon. If anyone needs some if it, let me know.
  4. Thanks, I need to resource a pukka one. I put the old one back on for now, which is a tad loose, but still keeps time accurately, without any juddering on start up. The weight does seem to make a difference with more tonal separation and a tighter bass., to my ears. I have a new amp coming, so will revisit once that is installed though. I went for the Marantz PM7000n in the end....
  5. Ok, it works great. I love it with the AT95EX. A couple of questions: 1. I put a non Linn belt on it. It judders on start up but settles down quickly. Is this normal? 2. I got a weight (500g) which does actually make a difference tonally. Is this going to be ok for the motor? I do spin it up first... Answers on a postcard.....
  6. I looked at the Majik DSM and couldn't find one with WiFi and Bluetooth anywhere close to the new price of the Marantz. The nearest I could find was £1250 without any wireless connectivity. New is £2.5k+. The PM7000n is £950.00 and does just everything in one hit. Reviews are glowing. 5* from What HiFi who I do trust. The Majik got 3*... I am not going to question the sound quality of the Linn but I am looking at a bang for buck... My speakers are not very hi end, my Basik isnt either. I might have to just compromise.
  7. Has anyone run a Basik with Akito through one? If so how was it for you? Thinking of dropping the dosh for one as the Linn is just unrealistically priced and doesn't do half of what I need...
  8. That makes sense now. It was the audio files I ordered from..
  9. I wired my laptop to an active speaker and played an airhorn downloaded from the net out of the window at full volume. Missus banged pots with a wooden spoon.....we got heard alright!
  10. I am in Leicestershire Mike. The Laphroaig 10 is nice...
  11. No Ardbeg, but no shelf is complete unless there is a Lagavulin present Mike....
  12. I see. I bought the stylus and the black oil from the same place in two transactions on ebay. Both times I got a flyer for the Paratrace. One was based on the AT95e and the other on the AT95EX. One green, one red.... The text was similar, one quoting the 95 and the other the 95EX. Buggered if I know...🥴