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  1. Just going to post this after listening to the Wall in studio master quality. Wow, sounds fantastic!
  2. The ADSM combined with an A2200 can appear dry when used with some speakers. The solution would mean a change of power amp or speakers. Not what you want to hear I’m sure!
  3. Must admit that I felt the same way on the first two or three plays. Then it grew on me, love it now! It was recorded at the same time as Folklore I think, so there are many similar styles and melodies. Quality work and very enjoyable.
  4. You’re welcome. The H/S combo exceeds the sums of the parts, if that makes sense.
  5. The keel is not compatible with the Akito unless you are prepared to lose the lift lower device. I would look at getting your Radikal upgraded to Mk2 spec at around £1800 plus a Karousel at £750. What is your existing sub chassis? If it’s a steel cirkus variety, then a change to a Kore at £800 would make a nice upgrade whilst being able to retain your Akito at full functionality. A bit left field, but if you like Harberths, then do try and get a listen to the new M30.2XD with a Sugden A21 amp. I don’t know if the power module in a Selekt would drive the Harberths adequately, the amp needs to be matched with care with speakers. You could add a Selekt with Katalyst as your main streaming source configured at line level out to the above Harberth/Sugden combo.
  6. Assuming you already have the Karousel, the New Radikal is your next step. Beyond that, it depends what your existing arm is?
  7. If I,ve interpreted your post correctly, it sounds like the collar maybe 120deg out. You can reposition this be slackening the three allen bolts underneath the deck and reposition the collar so that the arm tightening grub screw is in the correct position. (exits to the RHS of the deck) As troll suggests, a few piccies would help.
  8. The differences on a full klimax spec deck with Kandid and Urika are astonishing!
  9. It is a great album. I remember listened to it on spec at a headphone booth in Virgin Records the day it was released. I bought the CD immediately. What’s the vinyl like?
  10. Still I haven’t seen any market research so it may be Linn has lost customers to Naim, but you’d need to point me in the direction of such research to convince me. Talk to a hIfi dealer that does both. I'm talking about customers that are new to streaming and want access to world internet radio. Linn dealers cannot recomend a Linn streamer to meet their expectations at the moment.
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