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  1. Here’s mine. It’s important not to let the signal and power cable run close together if possible.
  2. Sorry, missed your post. Initially, a mild thumping noise from the drivers. The main amp board went back to Linn for repair. When it came back, it was fitted, switched on, then a horrendous noise emitted from the drivers! Sent the board back again, Linn said it was ok. I then tested the transformer output voltages and they weren’t right. It had also trashed both drivers as well. Eventually had to trash the whole thing, even after offering the thing foc to anyone who would collect it on the old Linn forum. There were no takers sadly, so it went to the local skip. 😔
  3. Most Linn speakers responded best to the better amp on the tweeter, with the exception of the Keilidhs.
  4. The AK2200 is a great match for the ADSM. I’m not familiar with your speakers though.
  5. From memory, the two connectors sit next to each other near the input sockets. You may also have to remove a link depending on the serial number of the amp. See a Helpful Linn dealer if in doubt.
  6. I had one with a faulty transformer. The main board was fine.
  7. In my experience this symtom is either caused by low batteries/battery connection problem, or, energy saving lights in the room.
  8. There can be quite an improvement if you change the setting to uncompressed. Also, a dedicated music NAS drive will sound better than your laptop when streaming. Most of my ripped CDs sound better than Qobuz/tidal, but not all.....
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