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  1. After several attempts of both kids trying to use my LP12 as a dinky car park, I used to apply a few inches of transparent sellotape between the lid and the plinth. They couldn’t open the lid, and couldn’t see the tape to understand why! Very easy to replace after each playing session. worked for us.....
  2. Well, after four weeks, my KK is back, and wow, what a difference! Seems I’ve been living with a degenerated sound for nearly a year. It’s back to a new state, with that jaw dropping resolution, richness, tunefulness and synergy you get, especially combined with the Solos. Bit pricey, but worth it. Looks like they changed a number of components and hand tweaked it to perform at its best. Great job from the lads at the factory!
  3. Worked on a few. Could never get an LP12 with a GS chassis to sound like an LP12!
  4. Both the Kore and Keel sound miles better than the GS, not to mention is crappy finish and inability to fit a Karousel, without a shim washer anyway.
  5. Sounds like it could be static, especially if you clean the record with a brush before each use, you are possibly charging the vinyl up! Try not using the brush, or even using an anti static gun which can work very well under these circumstances. also, is the deck and tone arm earthed correctly?
  6. Don’t worry about losing detail, you’ll probably hear a lot more of what’s going on. The Akurate is no slouch, and it’s streets ahead of a 20yr old 5125. 😁 The 109’s are great and will work in almost any room. You will need to be a bit cautious when considering 140’s with regards to room and placement. I would rather keep the money and save towards an ADSM as your future upgrade.
  7. Was there a finer second album from a band? Ok, I can think of one or two more, but this one blew me away at the time.
  8. Sure thing. It wasn’t a subtle deterioration at the end, my TT just sounded crap. If fact, any of the RCA inputs were poor, less so on the XLR.