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  1. It’s a shame we have lost all reference to the old Linn forum. There were some great experiments and experiences of those who used passive Linn speakers. Single, bi, tri and quad wiring were all tried and tested extensively. My own, and others reached a conclusion that bi, tri, and quad wiring enabled you to hear a bit more detail, but at the expense of togetherness, timing and musicality of the music. After swapping over back and further during a number of weeks, I went back to single wiring, eventually using TQ black 2 wiring.
  2. It’s worth noting that both the slimline Klimax DSM and DS are still being retailed. This is the interim price point between Selekt/Akurate and the New KDSMO. There’s still a massive hike from £15k to £30k, so as long as there is some demand for the slimline K range, it may remain for sometime. Just saying.....
  3. Excellent review, and along the same lines as my own view of the product. I must say that it now sounds so much better after 3 weeks of run in. 🙂
  4. You could try the following... 1. Sugden A21 2. Rega Aethos 3. Moon 240, or 340 if you can stretch to it. All three will drive the speakers without an issue, but they will all sound different. You could also try the Naim Nait XS3 which also has a built in MM stage if that’s of interest.
  5. It's a reflection, the front is practically a mirror. Quite difficult to photograph without showing one's crotch!
  6. I'm afraid it sounds so much better than it looks. And that's all that matters for me.
  7. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, because Linn do not take in repairs directly from end users, but only via their dealer networks. They certainly still repair all DS and DSM products, subject to some T&C’s around abuse, condition, damage etc.
  8. I know it’s a TuneIn licensing issue, but it hasn’t affected Naim or Moon or BluOS who use other platforms. TuneIn is extremely limited atm. Time to change I think.
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