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  1. Thanks for the pictures and the memories. Just an observation, a single mono input from a surround amp should go into the Right/Mono input from memory. I also notice that you are using the crossover point at 79db. and full damping. Have you experimented with the settings? AV5140's usually go to around 30Hz, so you have a large bass overlap between them.
  2. Spooky kind of album cover, but I'm really liking this after a couple of plays.
  3. I only have an original Brilliant kicking around ATM. If I get access to a slimline, I'll let you know.
  4. I did buy a new GS305 and use a new USB cable to power it from the spare Forester USB power output. (The GS305 is 5V DC.) The router and Melco/KDS are plugged into the SA, and a CAT 7 cable then feeds out to the GS305 where I have connected my AV stuff to. Its a cool cost effective solution.
  5. I’m using the Silent Angel switch and power supply. It was a great upgrade for the money. Try one for free via a friendly dealer.
  6. “Enhanced mode” assumes use of Urika. It will not mute any other phono stage in case folk were wondering.
  7. The newer platters definitely discolour much faster than the older ones, sadly.
  8. Forgot I had two pressings of this great album. An original unscratched 1971 pressing that has been played on all sorts of record decks over the years, including many ‘music centres’ during the 70’s. The other, a 25yr Island Life Anniversary copy. Just played both back to back, and to my surprise the later copy sounds miles better! Those early decks must have taken their toll on my precious original.
  9. Yes, you can Biamp with one amp per speaker, in fact thats the best way to do it. 1. Ensure the links between tweeter and bass on the Keilidhs have been removed. Check across T and B with multimeter to check. 2. You will need a 4 core speaker cable to each speaker. (Pos1 Neg1, Pos2 Neg2) 3. Amp 1, connect an interconnect between LH channel output to RH channel input, use the other LH channel input to connect to LH pre-amp. 4. Amp 2, connect an interconnect between RH channel output to LH channel input, use the other RH channel input to connect to RH pre-amp. Its VERY important to check all connections before switch on to avoid a nasty bang! Pay particular attention to pos and negs. Hope that helps.
  10. Thats very true. Although, they both sound quite different from each other. It also depends what phono stage you use with each of them!
  11. Yes, but I think they need to now! Not everything is going up, all recently introduced items will stay the same price, ie. Radikal2, KDSM/3, Ekstatik etc.
  12. Guess you all better hurry to beat the Linn Price increase in the new year. Rumour has it at 14% !
  13. You don’t know for sure how accurate the master cutter was spinning. But I guess it’s about speed stability more than anything.
  14. Are you sure you have balanced the arm correctly, and set the exact tracking weight properly? Is the stylus dead straight?
  15. For the record, I’m not a big fan of the Urika 2. Try to get a dem if you can.
  16. The K Selekt is a no brainer compared to the Majik. It should be of course, as it’s twice the price!
  17. That gives you a few choices then, all of which will be a big upgrade from your existing set up. Urika, Uphorik, P75 etc. I was listening to an Akurate LP12 with Radikal last week, it was playing via the Linn Uphorik, this is an awesome combination.
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