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  1. Thanks, is the inferior model maintaining the same philosophy? I couldn’t find any review
  2. exactly what i mentioned in my previous post. It feels that without Karousel the turntable won’t sound awesome while it has been with Citrus for more than 20 years
  3. Thank you for the response I think that the deal I will finally have for the Majik 2019 (Cirkus) is good. I have read some reviews about the Karousel and it frustrates a bit when you read it’s a must have. I think that if Cirkus has been there since 1983 it must be a nice bearing too, the difference probably it’s noticeable but it’s not going to be night and day. It frustrates a bit this kind of comenta because it looks like buying an obsolete product while thinking properly it’s still an outstanding one.
  4. Thanks for your replies, I am not sure I will go for the Linn. I don’t want to spend the price of the new one and the offered one seems not so great deal. I am also considering buying rega or clearaudio that offers cheaper solutions. In the end, if you are not ready to follow the upgradable path of the Linn, the Majik sounds an expensive solution for the sound quality it offers. I listened the clearaudio concept and the Majik and the Majik sounded richer, concept audio MM a bit too cold. But also, I had the impression that Linn sound was somehow incontrolable. Also, and to be honest, I am a bit worried about setting it up. It looks that is like winning the lottery, if it’s perfectly set up sounds good otherwise; people gets upset with it. That uncertain doesn’t give me much comfort - even if I have a dealer next door.
  5. is the price of the brand new that you are mentioning with or without discount?
  6. Hello Sondek owners, I need your advice. I am thinking to upgrade my turntable to a LP12, I would appreciate if you can give me your advice about the offer. The offer I have is the exposition model (in the listening room of a good dealer) of the Linn Majik from 2019 (latest tornarm) with Adikt for 2560eur / 2250gbp / 2770usd. Is this a good deal? (without cover and not yet Karusel)
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