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  1. Well with the bucket full of bad luck Bottas tripped over Hamilton accepted the gift & duly equalled the record👍 great to see Ricardo getting back on the podium at last lets hope McLaren can match his talent with a good car?
  2. Bought these together £80 for The Well & £60 for the other and worth every penny imho (as a big fan)
  3. Your not alone Jon I don't get him at all & I was around from the beginning of his fame🙄
  4. Maybe wait for a few reviews like Rabski said could be a safe bet too👍
  5. My experiences are the same with coloured vinyl quite often suffering from surface noise and dull sound. Personally I don't think Kraftwerk would allow poor quality recordings to be produced let alone sold. I purchased the Kraftwerk vinyl and cd boxsets at The Albert Hall at their 3D concert but not coloured vinyl and the sound quality is just outstanding I would expect the same with this new boxset they know their stuff thats for sure.