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  1. The Orb - Abolition of the Royal Familia-Guillotine Mixes. Double Vinyl.....
  2. Steven Wilson - The Future Bites. Vinyl.....
  3. I think you just answered your own question there Eddie we indeed are all different😀
  4. Maybe 1 litre is a logical amount to have.🤔
  5. I don't think ears have anything to do with preference or choice at the end of the day it is a sensory tool which is connected to the brain and that decides whats it likes.
  6. William Orbit - Strange Cargo III. CD.....
  7. Gone are the days when teams could use as many engines they wanted too. They even had highly tuned qualifying engines that lasted a few laps then swopped it for a more robust engine for the race. It must have cost a fortune to keep doing that thru a whole season no wonder they started capping team budgets.
  8. Booker T. & The M.G.s - Green Onions. Original Vinyl....
  9. Men at Work - Business as Usual. Original Vinyl....
  10. The Crusaders - Images. Original Vinyl...another summer record well for me anyway....
  11. Spyro Gyra - Morning Dance. Original Vinyl... This album always make me think of lovely sunny summer days as when it came out it was a superb summer in Germany and this got played to death
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