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  1. Bad Company - Running With the Pack. Original vinyl.....
  2. My personal view is any CD player over 5k is wasted money any improvements are miniscule and almost impossible to hear. I'm sure they can be measured but thats not the point if you can't hear it it's just a waste of time and just a means of making bigger profits out of the rich folks.
  3. If you stood in the middle of a field & he was looking at you like that it would be squeaky bum time
  4. Can't decide if thats scary or handsome
  5. Yello - Toy. On double Vinyl and sounding awesome.....
  6. Don't think I could put that kind of weight above any part of my hi it would be nerve racking And your right silly money
  7. Shpongle - Museum of Consciousness. On CD.......
  8. Great album! My original lp is goosed while playing it a while ago I dropped it and it got scraped right across side one on the corner of my cd player bloody gutted
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