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  1. I get the wide image playing the mono recordings but the various instruments are still overlaid somewhat while the stereo image is more widely dispersed across the speakers. At sensible volumes they can be clearly heard in their own space which is what I love about stereo. Even more so when listening to Electronica the artists apply more effort to maximise the stereo illusion of depth width & height that can really hold your attention. Shpongle, TJ Rehmi, The Orb, and Orbital are just a few who do this really well
  2. Eric Clapton - The Breeze An Appreciation Of JJ Cale. On double Vinyl.....
  3. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk. On original Vinyl....
  4. Sade - Stronger Than Pride. On original Vinyl....
  5. Get some elasticated laces work a treat no shoelace tying just slip your trainers on or just wear Crocs
  6. Jennifer Warnes - The Wall. A 45rpm 4 lp limited edition box set....A superb quality recording of a brilliant album
  7. I'm with you brother (old git)
  8. Yello - Point. On double Vinyl cd box set......
  9. Saint-Germain-des-Pres Cafe III. CD......
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