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  1. Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing. On original Vinyl......
  2. Japan - Tin Drum. On original Vinyl.....Another brilliant album
  3. Thanks for that Paul they do take a little while to loosen up a bit. I would keep these but the Gold 7's I have will work better in Anthonys room as well as mine if either of us need a stand in. So the Gols 8's have to go
  4. Level 42 - Self Titled. On original Vinyl....I love this album
  5. Nightmares On Wax - In A Space Outa Sounds. CD.....
  6. Watched the concert on Sky Arts a couple of weeks ago and it was brilliant
  7. And Now! Jennifer Warnes - The Well. On Vinyl.....
  8. Previously it was this Sade - Soldier of Love. On vinyl.....
  9. The Eagles - Hotel California. On original Vinyl
  10. Art of Noise - The Ambient Collection. CD....
  11. Hi Alan, They certainly are heavyweights for their small size 21.5kg (47..3lb). Sorry to hear your Opals are broken Have a chat with Jezmond he's posted on this thread he knows someone in Brighton that fixed his Opals that I now have. I believe Event were taken over by Rode another Aussie company. My son contacted them about if they were still being produced and got a reply saying they they had no plans atm to manufacture Opals in the near future.
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