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  1. I am wondering if a 5k upgrade to the Exaktbox would be worth it if you are never going to upgrade from the old KDSM to the new (is there a suggestion the latter upgrade is on the cards btw)?
  2. I hope the change to active does give that oomph! I will also be running the LP12 through the phono stage in the Akurate DSM, I would like to change that in time to a Lejenklou phono stage
  3. My understanding is that Dynamic upgrade is no longer available for the Twin, however after all my lockdown reading I am keen to give D class amps a good go. I also have a Nord Tardis which is remarkable.
  4. Now the Exaktbox is working on pass through (technical problem was not plugging the amp back in) I am enjoying Katalyst in the system for the first time thanks to the Exatbox, it is transformation (as most of you know). On Wednesday next week a 4 channel Nord D class amp arrives to replace the Klimax Twin (non Dynamic, I couldn't afford 2 x more modern Twins). I shall do an A B with the amps on pass through before I go Active with the Nord and put the Twin on Ebay. Then in 2 weeks the LP12 arrives home after some upgrade. It will be interesting to compare the improvement from going Active
  5. Thanks, I have an Older DSM with no surround module and only 1.3 HDMI - reading one of your other posts I think that means I can utilise the pass through. I have a multi channel amp arriving next week so will just have to wait a few more days. Thanks for your help
  6. Sunbeam, any idea how one would do this? I now have the Akurate Exaktbox 6 but await a multichannel amp so would like to listen in passive mode to hear the Katalyst dac in action. Any guidance welcome, I couldn't see anything in the Linn guide regarding passive mode or pass through and am keen to not blow my system up
  7. all three boards from my photo and your photo and Pauls look the same to me. I will call Linn, but Paul mentioned the new machinery was in place in December 2017 so my Jan 18 board must be one of the first.
  8. Thanks Sunbeams, can you tell anything from the photos I posted? I shall read you blog spot
  9. Thanks, in the photo I posted it also looks like there is some exposed unpainted casing, good news. I will check with the dealer and with Linn. If it is the newer board I will buy it. If it isn't, I will probably buy it! Thanks. There is also a 2020 version available but it is a little more ££££....
  10. Correction, as the photo shows this is from January 2018. I have read one article that suggests the machinery was installed in 2017 (as well as announced in 2017).......
  11. If anyone can tell me if the is the new or older style of board layout and soldering etc I would be very grateful....
  12. The Katalyst upgrade I am looking at is from May 2018, if anyone does know if this would be on the new Linn machines that would be very helpful. Or if there is an easy way to tell if you open up the exaktbox?
  13. Sunbeam - I am looking at an Akurate Exaktbox that was upgraded to Katalyst in 2018 - would it benefit from the new Linn manufacturing kit mentioned in your post? Thanks, very excited about going Exakt and Katalyst in one go (Currently with an old Akurate DSM and Kudos 505s)!!
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