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  1. I wonder if all the settings were the same, I turn Bluetooth and wireless off as well. Had one been used more than the other?
  2. If any Adsm goes wrong, which I've not experienced, there is a flat rate service charge of £460. Worth taking into consideration.
  3. Sunbeam have you heard a 242 mk2 with a tundra? Having compared to the akubarik I find it no more clinical sounding, although I always found the mk1 more prone to being a bit cold.
  4. I would definitely pick the former. The new hub is on a whole level and the timing is also considerably improved. However akamatsu your akubariks and new hub will sound stunning and is what I have been using for a few months now.
  5. I'm not surprised of the interest in Keltiks, but when compared with ninkas and Majik 140, it s what was linns top of the range speaker versus entry level. I changed Keltik for 242 mk2 nd never really looked back, next was artikulat 350, which in many ways was a backward step, and was very pleased I hadn't sold the 242s. I find it a good testament to ninkas and Majik 140 they're even being compared.
  6. And passive with a tundra, never liked mk1 242 aktiv, too clinical and cold. Mk2 were fine.
  7. Out of interest, every setting is, by default, set to on. I turned off HDMI, Bluetooth, wi fi, and the 2 outputs I don't use. It could be a placebo, but considered it to sound much better.
  8. You can add modules to the selekt, these will provide exakt aktiv and amplification channels within one box.
  9. I believe it's something linked to the licencing of dolby, even if you order any dsm with the processing card, it becomes a dealer fit, Linn will not supply with it fitted.
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