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  1. The best sound will be at 80, which equates to unity gain, the sound will degrade slightly as that figure decreases. By using -12dB you effectively move that point to 68. This is a function of the DVC, with katalyst the DVC is improved dramatically, consequently this feature Is no longer needed.
  2. I agree with zee9 kabers sound great with one klout passive, and in fact should do with the 280. I would also consider either staying passive or swapping amps to ones that accommodate the cards.
  3. The 280 does not accept aktiv cards. The options are to try and find an external tunebox or follow the newer exakt digital crossover route. Kabers cards fit into klout and lk100s
  4. I used Keltik s with klimax crossovers with solos and moved to passive 242 with a pair of solos. Overall I preferred 242 for musicality and the 3k detail and resolution. It was missing the ultimate bass power, but still very enjoyable when you consider the redundant solos i had to sell.
  5. 5103 is by far the best preamp. Aktiv cards will fit both amps but the 5125 will be way ahead. Keilidhs and ninkas same cards. Katan will be different.
  6. So applies to passive speakers. In a passive speaker despite each driver in the array being measured, individual correction for gain difference cannot be applied. So+ is exakt aktiv where there are more features such as time of flight, and gain difference between drivers can accounted for.
  7. The analogue crossovers were named tunebox. With the event of exakt it was named exakt tunebox. The tunebox part was later dropped, in the same way klimax exakt dsm became a hub.
  8. Kimber is one of the worst cables I've heard in the context of a Linn system, hard to beat k400.
  9. Before cable length was mused, many years ago I spent much time moving my klouts and klimax crossovers adjacent to my Keltik s. I could not understand why reducing 5m of k400 to 1m sounded worse. I have subsequently experimented and confirmed 5m does sound better than 1m using 242s I don't know about 2.48, which is academic as it won't reach in my current setup.
  10. I've heard selekt, akurate and klimax with exakt outputs. The only caveat is the dsms all had analogue outputs. I would rate them in the order listed the difference between akurate and klimax is greater. This was with 520 and exakt akubariks.
  11. The reference for bungs for akurate speakers is when using a sub. Not normal aktiv use.
  12. Won't hurt the speakers. I've jus checked mine they are 22cm and the radiator doesn't affect them.
  13. Go to 26 cm distance is very important, equivalent to spending £1000s