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  1. All mains leads from Linn are the same length. I don't like akubarik too far out, or too wide, so they may be ok.
  2. The urika hasn't had any claimed upgrades. The Linn silver balanced cable Is one of the best for me. The radikal 2 does improve the urikas. It will be better than a uphorik.
  3. The only solution is an akurate or Majik amp with a chakra bass card. There are no klimax crossovers apart from exakt, and as already stated time delays would not allow it's use.
  4. How would you implement the aktiv crossover? I don't think this will work.
  5. Please will you identify where I said NGKSH? Even if I did I can assure you 109s are quite capable of showing the improvement it brings.
  6. I did not specify the new machine there are many klimax hubs being traded in at very good prices, and still make a big improvement.
  7. Yes you can use an urika, or an external Phono stage and connect to the analogue input.
  8. In actual fact I think I would pick latest kdsm3 with 520, to akubariks with akurate hub.
  9. I wonder if all the settings were the same, I turn Bluetooth and wireless off as well. Had one been used more than the other?
  10. If any Adsm goes wrong, which I've not experienced, there is a flat rate service charge of £460. Worth taking into consideration.
  11. Sunbeam have you heard a 242 mk2 with a tundra? Having compared to the akubarik I find it no more clinical sounding, although I always found the mk1 more prone to being a bit cold.
  12. I would definitely pick the former. The new hub is on a whole level and the timing is also considerably improved. However akamatsu your akubariks and new hub will sound stunning and is what I have been using for a few months now.
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