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  1. I wonder if all the settings were the same, I turn Bluetooth and wireless off as well. Had one been used more than the other?
  2. If any Adsm goes wrong, which I've not experienced, there is a flat rate service charge of £460. Worth taking into consideration.
  3. Sunbeam have you heard a 242 mk2 with a tundra? Having compared to the akubarik I find it no more clinical sounding, although I always found the mk1 more prone to being a bit cold.
  4. I would definitely pick the former. The new hub is on a whole level and the timing is also considerably improved. However akamatsu your akubariks and new hub will sound stunning and is what I have been using for a few months now.
  5. I'm not surprised of the interest in Keltiks, but when compared with ninkas and Majik 140, it s what was linns top of the range speaker versus entry level. I changed Keltik for 242 mk2 nd never really looked back, next was artikulat 350, which in many ways was a backward step, and was very pleased I hadn't sold the 242s. I find it a good testament to ninkas and Majik 140 they're even being compared.
  6. And passive with a tundra, never liked mk1 242 aktiv, too clinical and cold. Mk2 were fine.
  7. Out of interest, every setting is, by default, set to on. I turned off HDMI, Bluetooth, wi fi, and the 2 outputs I don't use. It could be a placebo, but considered it to sound much better.
  8. You can add modules to the selekt, these will provide exakt aktiv and amplification channels within one box.
  9. I believe it's something linked to the licencing of dolby, even if you order any dsm with the processing card, it becomes a dealer fit, Linn will not supply with it fitted.
  10. You would have had the older version of the kdsm, as the change seemed to coincide with the demise of the kds3. Two of my friends who also own lejonklou, both considered the change quite significant. Sounds like the sagatun has improved since I last heard it, as the original stereo wasn't a kk beater. There again all Fredriks products have undergone substantial improvements. I look forwards to your impressions of the new kdsm, I think you will be surprised.
  11. You had better hurry and order one, the waiting list is growing, I couldn't go back!
  12. Thomas when you say the klimax ds is better than dsm, were you using the latest kdsm2 with pcas 1000 as it's main board. I had a kds3 and was surprised when I tried a kdsm with this circuit board, it was definitely better. HDMI was turned off Incidentally I will be interested in your thoughts on the organik dvc,. When demonstrated to group of hardened analogue lovers, it was their choice to leave a kk in the circuit. Both vinyl and kdsm3 sounded ok, but having been personally using the kdsm3 for several weeks with no kk, it was decided to remove the kk, this took some persuasion, as the bad dvc stigma remained. It was unanimous the system improved beyond recognition.
  13. I owned Keltik for years with solos and twins, I couldn't call the best when using 242mk1, they both had strengths, but I loved 242mk2
  14. The comparison of 140 to Keltik is the equivalent of Keltik to keilidhs, not really a fair comparison....
  15. The new dsm does contain a much better master clock, I'm sure you'll be offered plenty of older kdms hubs, still a nice improvement!
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