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  1. 1 hour ago, GarthVader said:

    Hi all,

    First post from a hi-fi novice...


    I'm going down the single passive amp route until I can find a replacement PCB for now, so is reconfiguring the treble amp simply a case of disconnecting the Aktiv treble board?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. 2 hours ago, zee9 said:

    Thanks. Yes Walnut & Exakt Katalyst. I’ve added some felt pads under the metal bases so I can slide them around till I find a position that I like. Then the marble slab goes at the spot and then spikes and skeets so I’m very very far away from judging the sound as yet.

    Linn Basik + Adsm/3 >> Akubariks (E/Kat)

    Why marble slabs, best on skeets.

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  3. 38 minutes ago, wonky1969 said:

    With regards to low level listening,have now been listening since yesterday,and below volume setting of 25 or less,it doesn't come close to my kk,i think the words flat and lifeless spring to mind to describe how it sounds,so a set of rothwell attenuators will be got,which should improve things,i hope.

    So in summary,KDSM1 although superb,is only superb over a volume setting if 28-30 or over,otherwise the KK wins the race for very low musical enjoyment,just my observations and all in my humble opinion,of course.

    So if Santa is being extremely kind this year,a new set of ears please,ones that don't try and torture me when they hear constant noise above sey 40db.

    And with regard to soundhounds comments about not needing expensive kit to listen,as pointless at Less that live performance levels,whilst I value your opinion,your wrong,when you have to listen at such low levels,detail retreaval is more important to understand and enjoy the music,unless music has life to it,then what's the point,so a thumbs up to get the best sound you can .most modern cars will do 80mph,it doesn't mean we all have to drive at 80mph though,as the ambulance service wouldn't be able to cope with the added workload,they can barely cope as it is,30mph is the speed limit for a reason,safety,does it mean you can't enjoy driving at this speed,with the right car with skinny tyres,especially when raining,can be lots of fun,if that's your thing of course

    28 does sound a very low volume, katalyst and organik cure this. 

  4. 4 hours ago, johni b said:

    i was surprised by the lack of options from the knowledgeable and experienced membership. john   

    The urika hasn't had any claimed upgrades.  The Linn silver balanced cable Is one of the best for me.  The radikal 2 does improve the urikas. It will be better than a uphorik.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Paulssurround said:

    The knob on the top of the NGKSH is useful for adjusting the volume control and providing access to some different functions in the unit by pushing the knob in different directions.

    Most people don’t know this, including me, but if you go into the settings menu, the knob is your gateway to a multitude of other functions.

    ‘For example, you can choose the magnetic alignment function and using the knob, fine tune the NGKSH with alignment to the magnetic poles of the earth. When you are dialed-in just right, the geometric alignment of the NGKSH will be in perfect sync with magnetic waves fluctuations of the Van Allen belt, thus providing better sound quality.

    ‘The knob has a fingerprint analysis function. When you press your thumb print on the top of the knob, your thumbprint will confirm you are the owner of the NGKSH, and prevent unauthorized access to turning on the unit, so no one else can play your Linn system.

    ‘Another useful function in settings is the ability to use the knob to allow the unit to work just like noise cancelling headphones. If there is too much noise coming from the kitchen, or the dog is barking, you can use the knob to cancel out the noise of any noise distractions in the house that may be interrupting your listening session. The 6 buttons which are used as pins, can be programmed to each type of noise. So button 1 could be kitchen noise; button 2: loud kids; button 3 to noise cancel a TV in another room, and so on. The knob can be used to adjust how much of the intrusive noise you want to turn down.

    ‘The knob also acts as camera, with a hidden lens inside, that monitors you when you are listening to music. The NGKSH is programmed to read your hand gestures, so you can point up to turn up the volume. Thumbs down gestures will turn down the volume. Flapping your arms like a chicken will move you to the next track, and motioning in a circular motion with your left arm will pause the music, so you can get up and get a beer. If the camera sees your head drooping and falling asleep, it will turn down the volume slowly and then turn the unit off

    ‘Future firmware updates will provide even more functionality to the knob.

    I think you have knob envy.😂

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  6. 2 hours ago, Paulssurround said:

    I agree with you Pennypacker.

    ‘Someone comes to this forum looking for advice and they get a suggestion to buy a $26,000 piece of Linn for Majik 109’s worth just over $1000??

    Yes, the NGKSH will be an improvement over the Akurate Hub, but Extremeride probably is not considering spending the price equivalent of a new car

    I think that if we are going to remain relevant as a forum helping people, we need to be realistic to the person’s wants, needs and budget

    Please will you identify where I said NGKSH?

    Even if I did I can assure you 109s are quite capable of showing the improvement it brings.

  7. 1 hour ago, Pennypacker said:

    Are you taking NGKDSM? With al respect, is this really as good as an upgrade as the price suggests on relation to the rest of the set up? 

    I would look at upgrading the speakers first, AEBi gives you a fair amount of Linn and other options.

    Especially for NGKDSM money, this buys you Kudos Titans 707 with cash to spare for a s/h 4200.

    I did not specify the new machine there are many klimax hubs being traded in at very good prices, and still make a big improvement.

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  8. 8 hours ago, extremeride22 said:

    Thanks so much for sharing with me your past experiences with what sounds like a nice progression in the Linn products. So I’m guessing I should look for some 212 or if possible the Akudoriks. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a good deal on a used set some where in Canada 🇨🇦 or more specifically Ontario. Cheers…..

    I would upgrade the hub to the klimax version first.

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  9. 3 hours ago, G7SUM said:

    Afternoon all,

    Apologies if this has been discussed before. 

    I am toying with the idea of Katalyst for me Klimax DSM + Akubarik Exakt set up.

    I am aware Organik has been launched and slightly hesitant to spend the £5k or so for it to be replaced in the next 6-12 months.

    Thoughts/suggestions most welcome. 

    If you can justify it, buy the new kdsm hub.

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  10. 48 minutes ago, Paulq said:

    Just jumping into tis and resurrecting it as been pondering a second hand (very hesitantly) a second hand MDSM for occasional use as a one box in a different room.  The useability of Internet Radio is a deal breaker so wondered if there was any progress with this?  Do the Custom URL's work ok if TuneIn doesn't?

    I am looking at alternatives in a Yamahe (Airable so may have the same issue) and Uniti Atom (vTuner).

    Yes custom url can be added in tune in 

  11. 1 hour ago, Paulie said:

    Hi All

    I’m pretty close (finally!) to buying a used Akurate DSM.  Was hoping you could help my thought process as to what is the best option: 

    Option 1) DSM1 upgraded to DSM3 with 4 years warranty left.  £500 more expensive than option 2

    Option 2) DSM 0 upgraded to DSM3 with 2.5 years warranty left.  £1,150 more expensive than option 3

    Option 3) DSM 0 

    If I went for Option 3 I would upgrade to Katalyst.  This would be the most expensive route to getting a Katalyst version but I would get a new 5 year warranty.

    Option 2 is financially the most attractive but a bit deterred by the shortish warranty.

    In your view is the extra 1.5 year warranty of Option 1 worth the extra £500?

    I suppose the other way of asking this question is, how reliable are the Akurate DSMs?  All things being equal am I likely to experience any issues that are beyond economical repair over the long term?  

    For me at least this purchase is a big financial commitment so just want to try and make the right decision.

    The sellers are all professional/ non private.

    Many thanks in advance!


    If any Adsm goes wrong, which I've not experienced, there is a flat rate  service charge of £460. Worth taking into consideration. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Moomintroll said:

    That, for me, is the ideal solution - go Exakt and use Klimax Exaktboxes or Exakt 350s, then you just need a Hub. If you already own KEBs or 350s, this actually works out £5K cheaper than a DSM/3 A/V or Music and you get loads more Organik DACs.


    Ksh £15000 Klimax exaktboxes £30000

  13. 2 hours ago, sunbeamgls said:

    I find the 3K array in 242 to be too "clinical" in the sense of lots of cold unfriendly detail, but not at all in the Akubarik, so there's definitely something in the implementation and balance of the whole speaker.

    I've heard lots of uber expensive systems as part of the hobby visiting shows (and writing stuff about the experiences) - I don't go wasting dealer time on stuff I can't afford, except when they offer because they're more optimistic about my future earning potential than I am :)

    Sunbeam have you heard a 242 mk2 with a tundra?  Having compared to the akubarik I find it no more clinical sounding, although I always found the mk1 more prone to being a bit cold.

  14. 1 hour ago, akamatsu said:

    As of Monday, I'm within the official delivery window of 10 to 12 weeks. We shall see if that holds up.

    In the meantime, as we wait for our NG Klimax System Hubs, I was thinking about all the positive reviews on the streaming side. So for a DS based system, what would sound better, NGKSH and 530s, or an Akubarik System, which includes the Akurate System Hub? The system costs would be comparable.

    I'm thinking the former would outperform.

    I would definitely pick the former.  The new hub is on a whole level and the timing is also considerably improved.  However akamatsu your akubariks and new hub will sound stunning and is what I have been using for a few months now.

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  15. 9 minutes ago, vicjayl said:

    So, apart from Michael above, no one else here has a NGDSM on order, no one knows (or is saying) how many units Linn is shipping to dealers, and Linn isn't commenting on the effects of reported world-wide shortages of aluminium on expected delivery dates.  Hey ho! Patience is a virtue.  They say.

    April's are coming through now.

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