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  1. don't know what's up with all the spacing. It didn't look like that at my end. Whatever!
  2. hey paul, what brands of main power cords and interconnects at audio shows did linn use. i would like to try some other brands of power cords on my linn uphorik and linn radikal. there are so many different companies making cables it's nice to hear from some people who actually have tried different brands on there linn gear. i have a Nordost QB8 MkII power distribution unit 20 amp version that i really like, it really helped with a hum from a ground loop issue i was having. i also plug my hegel h30 amp into it and have no loss of dynamics at all. john
  3. i've had my karousel for a month now and decided to give my opinion on it. first my system is a linn lp12, kore, ekos2. krystal, trampoline 2, radikal /dyn. p.s., linn uphorik phono stage, accustic arts tube preamp 2, hegel h30 amp and gamut L7 speakers. when i got my lp12 back from the dealer i didn't play it right away which was hard seeing i order it (karousel) in march. i let it spin for 3 hours a night for 5 nights before the big day. after lunch on my day off and the system was all warmed up an ready to go. the first thing you notice is how low the noise floor and you say to yourself man this thing is quiet. after listening a bit more i notice the music was disjointed and lost its usual flow. the other thing i was hearing was a bit of booming bass that wasn't there before, my room is treated with acoustical panels. not a happy day after waiting months for this upgrade but i know knew new parts take time to settle. fast forward to yesterday and it was a good day the bass boominess is gone, the flow is back . the music sounds more dynamic and sounds seem to come out of nowhere. there seems to be more space around the instruments and are more separated. if you get this upgrade you have to be patient but will be rewarded in the end. one other thing i noticed is the end of the spindle tip the part you see when the record is on is a different colored finish. it doesn't look polished. i played a couple of records today and one of them was frank zappa - grand wazoo. i bought this album used and it was noisy but i love this record and still play it hoping one day it will be reissued. when i was listening to it i was really surprised how much more quieter it was now. i won't be looking for that reissue of this album now. another record was janis ian- between the lines, the separation and space around the instrument was amazing, it didn't sound like this a month ago. john
  4. thanks, good to know. i'll be doing that when i get mine installed.
  5. mine is on order as well , it will be nice to get more real users opinions on the karousel.
  6. Hey Thomas, Is there a brake in period for the karousel ? Do you found your LP12 sounding any different now that your karousel has been spinning for a month or so? Did you ever just let your karousel just spin without music playing to brake it in? Thanks, John
  7. I called my dealer last week and still no sign. It's hard to wait for a upgrade that should make your system sound better.
  8. Does anyone know when Linn will start shipping the Karousel ? my dealer is Star electronics in Toronto Canada. this is my first major upgrade since my local dealer passed away Gary from Better music. Gary sold me and looked after my LP12 since 1997, i'm a little nervous about this and feel like i lost my security blanket. My LP12 has always sounded great and has been very reliable, this is a new chapter in my stereo life. thanks, John
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