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  1. Rega Planar 8 + Nagaoka MP300 Exposure 2010 CD
  2. Hello, I have Exposure 3010 amplifier and Shahinian Arc speakers. Currently I use Mogami 2972 speaker cable which is also used by many Shahinian owners. I think it is quite good, but as I said, less harshness in the high frequencies would be great.
  3. LOL no from Germany
  4. does anyone know Atlas Hyper 2.0 or 3.5?
  5. I've heard about it before. Have you experienced it yourself?
  6. thank you very helpful
  7. Hello, i am looking for a warm sounding speaker cable. Which manufacturers are known to make cables that go in the warm direction? Cardas and Fadel Art are well known for their cables going in the warm direction. What can you recommend in the affordable range? Cardas cables are too expensive even used. Best regards
  8. Which speaker cables do you use for your Shahinian speakers?
  9. How do you position your Shahinans? Angled towards the listening position or straight? Cheers
  10. have you been able to compare the IQ1 directly with the goldring 1042?
  11. what good MM cartridges run on Rega turntables without spacers? Except of course the Rega cartridges .
  12. How old do you think this Shahinian is?
  13. rushboy


    Rega Planar 8, Exposure 3010 Amp ,Shahinian Arc... no more like 1300€ new price.
  14. rushboy


    Atoll CD 80sig YBA CD100 Heritage Exposure 2010CD Hello, what's to recommend? I like the Rega Apollo sound, but I don't want a top loader. Other suggestions are welcome. Cheers
  15. Hello I am Peter from Germany, I have been running my Shahinian Arc MK1 for 16 years. If I ever buy another loudspeaker, it will be a Shahinian again. I first ran my Arc with a Jadis Orchestra amplifier. Then with Naim 72/140+ HiCap. Now I'm using an Exposure 3010 amplifier, which makes the best sound with the Arc. Greetings Peter