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  1. For now, it's just a survey while making own PSU for Node, so treat it as a product for Node and the survey as an addition. I will definitely not clutter this thread. I will move myself to "HiFi Trade" and start a separate topic when I have my offer ready.
  2. Hello everyone. I have another request for you I have just finished the design and testing of my own LPSU, currently working on transforming the prototyop into a full production version. I would like to invite you to the survey: http://pd-cf.com/psu-output-options-poll/ It will help me better suit to your needs. There will be two power supplies: "standard" and "pro". At the moment "standard" is finished, I managed to achieve a really clean power supply with very low and flat noise floor, no spikes, and no rectifier and mains harmonics. @Fourlegs Would you like to test it when it will be available ? The second "pro" version should be ready by the end of November.
  3. Less then 1A but for safety take up to 1,2A
  4. It depends a lot on the power supply. I saw those for which the maximum permissible load did not any impress, and I also saw those that, at their maximum load, were heating up a lot and were already going to the "other world". Node will run also on 1A PSU but as wrote before: some power supplies will work well and some will heat up and break down. Recommendation 2A is also from the fact that the noise level of the regulators increases with their percentage load, which is not what we all mean? I also have a request for everyone who bought my modules: I'm working on my own website and can I ask you to write a review on this product page ? I will be very pleased if you would like to devote a moment of your time to this please visit http://pd-cf.com
  5. I can make Vault dedicated interface, but i need borrow device for 2 weeks at my expense. In Poland, unfortunately, this device is not popular at all and I have no where to get it.
  6. You mean black "L sharped piece" in factory smps ? Its metal heat dissipation heat sink. You can find some stock Node measurements made by "Amirm" on audiosciencereview.com. Long time ago, i have tried to measure 1kHz and 10kHz static tone and compare factory smps to external lpsu. Here you have a little comparison of 1kHz tone,. As long as the top of tone, and spikes above 1kHz overlap almost completely, also with Amirm's measurements, but pay your attention to what changes in the base of the static tone (marked with a circle). Is it responsible for such an improvement in sound quality ?
  7. Node 2i draws below 1A, if there are any usb drive connected to Node, have to add their draw also. So 1.6A should do it, but you should take into account that it will heat up more (you will shorten psu life) and you have to take into account that when we approach the maximum current, the its noise increases more. So is this saving worth it?
  8. I use this one, and some polish, and many of french customers also. It has front usb, rear usb and rear DC jack 5.5/2.1. All measurements available on ebay was made on this one. I didnt power on Node and my stereo from more than two months ( temporarily I have small kittens at home, and until they didnt see that something is moving in these black boxes, they avoid them from a distance ), but it has good reviews, doesn't heat up at all. Front switch is very convenient and helpful. As soon as it arrives at the store, it disappears in a few weeks.
  9. True. I cant write nothing about savings in currency on ebay (thay can delete my offer), but after the exchange rate, they also charge a 10% commission on all amount including shipping costs, and from what remains PayPal will charge its own 2%.
  10. That was exactly the purpose. The interface has two stage security features: First stage: when the voltage rises above 6V - the transistors cuts off voltage to the module. The voltage will be restored automatically when it drops below 6V Second stage: an additional fuse will blow when the voltage rises above 12-13V to protect the transistors or when we connect AC PSU, or any other DC power in the reverse polarity. Need to change fuse after acting. I can think in the next batches whether or not to use a PPTC self healing fuses. If anyone wanted - there is also a possibility to configure voltage of stage 1 protection (by swapping D2 diode). In default it is 6V threshold, but it can be set at 5.4V, but you must be sure that your power supplies do not raise the voltage so much when turned on or without load.
  11. That is the reason why i dont use 0805 or even 0603 housing 1206 is my minimum
  12. Thank you for opinion. Ps: I see some strange thing on this pic my friend did only i noticed it ?
  13. Yes. Its 5.5/2.1mm, center positive.