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  1. When I said the system was bright, that was before the dealer set up the SO properly. He said part of the reason was the speakers are in front of a bay window and glass soaks up bass. After his refinements, it sounded fine. I still think the Selekt lacks warmth compared to the Majik DSM but I’m prepared to live with that for the amazing detail.
  2. I have the same system but with the Katalyst DAC. Like you, I had to get it unheard because of the virus restrictions. I don’t know what it would sound like without the Katalyst DAC but the level of detail compared to the Majik DSM I had before was substantial. However, I found the sound to be over-bright and very tiring to listen to. When the dealer I bought it from heard my concerns, someone came to the house, after some restrictions were lifted and spent a lot of time setting up the space optimisation for the room. It made an amazing difference. So, I would definitely get the SO set up by an expert before you try anything else.
  3. Just updated Kazoo on the iPad. Everything appears to be working fine.
  4. That’s interesting. As you say, if a playlist is setup in Lumin, it does then play from Kazoo. Tried “Some Girls” which is new and “Who’s Next” which has been playing fine from Kazoo up to now.
  5. Has anyone else experienced problems with Kazoo and the new hires Rolling Stones albums on Qobuz? Tattoo You plays but the other three, I just get “Failed to load content”. They load and play without any problem using LUMIN.
  6. I would definitely switch to Qobuz. You can get a free trial to see if you like it. If you factor in the price of Tidal and Roon to be able to play hi-res tracks then Qobuz is a far better deal. If you have a Katalyst DAC then that will play dsd. I’ve ripped all the SACDs I had of the music that wasn’t available in hi-res on Qobuz and they stream beautifully.
  7. Having tried it, I didn’t find it particularly better than Kazoo. Roon is definitely the best but I’m not going to pay for it, now that I don’t need it for Tidal MQA. All things considered, I’ll stick to Kazoo.
  8. Didn’t know about the Lumin app. I think I’ll give it a try. Looks like it solves quite a few of the shortcomings of Kazoo.
  9. Firstly, if you buy an iPad, you’ll never want to use Windows ever again. I’ve been using Kazoo on my iPad for about a year and a half with no problems at all. The new Linn app is a bit flaky and I haven’t found any advantage of using it instead of Kazoo. My advice would be get an iPad (unless you use an app that’s only available for a Windows) but continue to use Kazoo for the time being.
  10. Got a tag editor for the Mac and everything is showing now. Learnt a thing or two about meta-tags in the process. Cheers
  11. I had wondered about that but I only have 1 unknown folder and that was from a dvd audio rip. It is weird because the search results show the embedded artwork as well as the session description. It’s no big hardship now I know how to find them but intriguing.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. it just so happens, today I discovered the mp3s were there, they just weren’t displaying. If I use the Kazoo search option, and search for Peel, they come up as a list and I can play them from there. Must have something to do with the way the files get indexed. I think I may give mimimserver a go anyway. Cheers
  13. I’m using a Majik DSM mostly with Qobuz but I do have some music on my Apple Mac which I access using the Kazoo server. All of the files have been ALAC or FLAC and I’ve had no trouble playing them. I’ve just ripped the audio from some You Tube Peel Sessions and they were 128 MP3 files. Plex plays them without a problem but they don’t appear on my Kazoo app. If I look at the server log, it says they’ve been found and added. Has anyone else had a problem with MP3 files?
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