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  1. Superb turntable, I had mine for over 30 years. Wish i still had it..... A bargain price too👍
  2. Unlike most phono stages, the PH5 has only one pair of input jacks: unbalanced RCAs. The single pair of output jacks are also unbalanced RCAs. Many phono preamps have one input for moving-magnet cartridges and a second input for moving-coils. That means the MC input goes through a gain stage, which could be an amplifier or a transformer, and from there to the MM amplifier section, where additional amplification and RIAA equalization are applied. But you can connect either a moving-magnet or moving-coil cartridge to the PH5’s single input.
  3. C'mon mods do your job. This chap has requested you help him.
  4. Hi Jon, I wish this was for sale yesterday, I only paid for my new Pre/Power yesterday and its being delivered tomorrow. I heard this amp a couple of months ago and it sounds fantastic driving Jon Harbeth. Great Guy to deal with too, absolute bargain mate. Good luck with the sale Jon
  5. Thanks for the link. I'll have a look an pm him
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a pair of above speakers if anyone has a pair they would like to sell please contact me. Ps. I don't mind what colour finish.
  7. Hi Martin, I see your not far from me, I'm in Cuckfield. What's your budget?? John ( Radiant Red ) has a very good cart for sale, its a mm cart tho but particularly good and very low hours use, nice chap to deal with to boot!!!
  8. If you heard these speakers you wouldn't need an excuse to buy. Truly outstanding sound and finish. Wish I could afford them
  9. I had the ZLM for many years. Stonkingly Google cartridge!!!!!
  10. Cheers Pete👍 My mistake, after being in touch with monitor audio it appears there's 5 years warranty left on the speakers
  11. Thanks for your comments, I'm only selling due to a huge upgrade of my whole system. These are an absolute bargain for someone, they're only a year old, in mint condition, original boxes with bungs and everything that came in the box. Also they still have 4 years warranty left!!
  12. Extra info The speakers were purchased a year ago this week, there is 4 years warranty left. They are mint with boxes and magnetic grilles. I'm only selling as I've just upgraded my entire system