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  1. btw, full disclosure - I am asking £900 for it, which was what I paid Cambridge Audio for it on their Ebay site only 3 months ago. I got a great deal, normally they are selling refurbished versions of the 851N for £1199, there are some for sale at that price just now in fact.
  2. Yep, it's Roon Ready, and apparently a firmware release is imminent for Tidal Connect - Tidal's version of Spotify Connect.
  3. Totally reconfigured my HiFi setup recently so this Network player/streamer is now surplus to requirements. Bought as refurbished direct from Cambridge Audio in September this year (have electronic receipt),so has most of 1 year warranty still left. Includes remote and wifi dongle. £900 not including p&p
  4. Does anybody have a USB module that would fit a Lyngdorf TDAI-2170? I realise that it's unlikely that anyone has a spare module lying around, but maybe somebody has it fitted in their amp and has no need for it and could remove it and sell it to me. I'd obviously send them the unused USB module cover from my amp to allow the seller to cover up the gap that would be there after removing the USB module on their own amp.
  5. While I'm here, just wondering if anybody uses USB Audio with their Cambridge streamer, and if so how do you find it sound quality wise? I'm just using a cheapo cable at the moment, and it sounds pretty good with Audirvana - I can get up to 192k. I'm guessing using USB is on a par with streaming wifi, to my ears I don't think I can really tell much difference, although I guess a more expensive cable may make a difference? Can't get it to play full sample rate with Roon - maxes out at 44.1k. Not sure why this should be because I'm playing back the same Qobuz songs on both Audirvana and Roon, but can only get the max sample rate via Audirvana. Any input gratefully received.
  6. John Darko did a video recently, in it he says CA told him it was coming soon (paraphrasing, as can't remember exactly what he said!! lol)
  7. Temporarily bringing this cable down for sale - will bump when/if I put back on sale.
  8. Bump, after Admin kindly moved from Sold section back to For Sale section. Will accept £1100
  9. Yeah, I'd actually just realised that it was actually in the sold section, and was thinking I was going to have to relist the thing, so thanks for pointing out!!
  10. Sorry just seeing your post as I tuned out of this thread after I sold it. I sold it because I got an amazing deal on a Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 amp, and I also have a Cambridge Audio Azur 851N. I also could not get Dirac to improve the sound in my room, probably because I'm lucky enough to have a great listening room, and I guess any room correction system can only improve a room that really needs it. So with all that in mind, despite being a great all in one amp the SA30 was basically surplus to requirements. And I have an update: After I sold the amp it got damaged in transit so buyer returned. I have played music back via the amp for approximately 15-20 hours this weekend and there is absolutely no audible issues to be heard, so the bump appears to only have caused cosmetic damage. I have posted the pics showing the damage, in the first post - pics 3 and 4. So I'm open to offers again if anybody wants a great amp, albeit with some cosmetic damage.
  11. Anybody managed to get the newly launched Tidal Connect to work with any CA streamer? Isn't working with my CA Azur 851N https://tidal.com/connect Darko audio hasn't managed to connect to his CXN V2 despite upgrading to latest firmware https://darko.audio/2020/10/tidal-connect-who-what-why/
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