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  1. Thanks again Snapper Mike and Phobic. I turned sound off for notifications and the various other things you suggested. Emails no longer disrupt music when it's playing which is great. Given I made so many changes to my settings I'm not quite sure which one did the trick. The first change to make a difference was making sure Outlook Express email was closed. I'm guessing some of the other things helped too. I'll go back and vary one thing at a time at some point to try to zero in on what was going on. Won't be able to do that for a while due to work piling up a bit. Strange how working from home can make things harder than they used to be. Cheers!
  2. Thanks guys. My output device is set to internal speakers on both my laptop and desktop macs. When I go into Konfig it doesn't show the options that Phobic's screen shot shows, I have Songcast turned off and both my macs are set to use the internal speakers for sound. And I'm not able to find airplay on any of my computers but I do know that my Sony TV uses it. But I did find a fix -- exiting outlook on all the computers in my house EXCEPT my iphone. When I do that I can send and receive emails in Outlook without it stopping the music. This isn't an optimal fix in that I sometimes like to listen to music on my system while working (or wasting time) on my computer, and that often involves using Outlook for email. This makes me think the problem involves emails coming into my macs are somehow doing something via airplay. Maybe I have airplay on my macs but don't know how to access it. I would think it would show up as an application, but I don't see it there. I've never used it until we got a new TV around the same time as the ADS (pandemic diversion gifts for both me and my wife).
  3. You got me thinking that maybe somehow I was casting the music, and maybe the inconsistency was that incoming emails stopped playback only when I was streaming Qobuz and not from my NAS (minimserver). But no, emails stop playback from both my NAS and Qobuz. I started experimenting and found this happens when an email comes in even if my phone is turned off. And music stops regardless of whether I have notifications for Outlook email turned on or off. Interestingly, it happens when I receive emails though my Outlook Express account (which is what is used at my place of work and my main email source) but not when I receive emails on my gmail account. That seems like a clue. When this happens, the display on my DS changes from Playlist to Airplay. That seems like another potentially useful clue. I wonder if I don't have the new ADS/3 properly configured. Not sure if this is relevant, but I've been having problems coordinating the use of the new black remote I got with the ADS and my old silver remote I use for my old Klimax Kontrol. The problem is when I change input on either unit it changes the input on the other. So, for example, when I switch from TV to ADS on the KK, it changes the ADS from Playlist to Airplay. I asked the dealer I bought it from about it and he didn't know how to resolve this quirk either. So I've been just using the old silver remote to control the input on the KK, and when I select music on Kazoo it goes to Playlist on the ADS. That has worked well. The problem with music stopping when emails occurs when the ADS is in Playlist mode too. This is all very confusing. I've been streaming with a Renew since shortly after the first generation of them became available and this didn't happen until I got the new ADS. Ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I hope that works for you but I still have the problem with mine turned off. Glad to hear it’s not just me but sorry you have to deal with this frustration.
  5. For the past month or so when I receive emails it stops the playing of music on my ADS/3. This happens often when emails come in but I don't think with every one of them. I have my ADS connected to a NAS by ethernet and use Kazoo as my control point on an Apple Iphone X. This is very strange. It never happened before I upgraded from a RDS/0 to the ADS/3 and upgraded the Konfig firmware to current version. Has anyone else ever had this happen? I have notifications on my iphone for Outlook (which I use for email) turned off. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. I've been having a similar problem since updating to the latest Konfig and an ADS/3 with Katalyst. In my case music cuts out sometimes (but not always oddly) when an email comes in. I use an iphone and outlook express for email but can't find any options on there that seem relevant. I have notifications for emails turned off on my phone. I can't tie this precisely to the day I updated my Konfig since I didn't make the connection to email or possibly the updated Konfig, but it clearly coincides with emails coming in (though it doesn't seem to happen every time an email comes in). Very strange imo. Any ideas?
  7. Zee9 -- Did you make the purchase and have it shipped to the US -- and how did it work out? I've been looking for a DS or DSM to upgrade my KRDS/0 (which I will then use in a 2nd system in our basement when that is fixed up a bit). And my sense is there are more of them on the used market in the UK and EU than in the US. Also wondering if you or anyone has bought something 2nd hand and had it shipped to Linn to do an upgrade (I want Katalyst) rather than overseas (which would mean 3 overseas trips instead of 1 if Linn would be willing to work with me on this. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated ......
  8. Thanks to all for the helpful advice. I'm liking this forum already. Is it the general consensus that a Katalyst ADSM sounds a lot better than a first generation Kilmax Renew? Some of the reviews of both Klimax and Akurate Katalyst DS I've read claimed a night and day difference that can be heard within seconds. At this point it would be hard for me to justify a big expenditure if it was for just a subtle improvement. I don't think going Exact is an option for me because my speakers are not active -- or is it. I'm a bit confused about that because the Linn website talks about room correction (which I thought was done with Exact) being possible with most speakers. I take it this would be different from improving the source. My current system is the Klimax Renew >> Klimax Kontrol >> Jeff Rowland 535 >> Vienna Acoustics Mahlers. I also have a Linn Axis TT with a broken motor that my dealer thinks is probably not worth fixing. T Being on the used market is probably the best way to go for me, given current finances. The idea of getting an earlier generation model and then upgrading sounds appealing. Does one need to go through a dealer to do that? My nearest Linn dealer is 4 hours away and I'd feel a little guilty asking him to upgrade a unit I bought on the used market instead of from him. Thanks again for your input!
  9. I've had a Klimax Renew\0 since shortly after they became available, and am considering upgrading and using the Renew in a secondary system. I've loved the Renew and found the improvement in sound immediately obvious relative to my prior Unidisk 1 with all formats. I'm wondering at how far I'd need to go to get a big obvious jump in performance. Reviews t I've read about the Katalyst architecture has me wondering if an Akurate DS would be a big improvement over the older Klimax Renew Also considering moving to a DSM -- I'm currently running through a Klimax Kontrol. So glad to have found this forum -- I really missed the old Linn Forum and am glad to be able to check things out here.
  10. My problems were resolved by deleting Kazoo from my mac and installing it on my NAS. That was a little tricky because I'm clueless regarding network issues and had some trouble accessing my NAS since I hadn't done so in years. Many thanks to BabaYaga for the generous help he provided in this process.
  11. No offense taken -- you're absolutely right. My IT knowledge is indeed very weak. I'm an old guy (66) and have been using computers since the mid-80s but have always relied on the IT folks at my university, friends, or kind people on forums like yourself to advise me on things . I set the DS up and adjusted it a few times over the years through advice received from the old Linn forum. IT is definitely one of my weaker domains of life. I just deleted and then reinstalled Mimimserver after re-reading the instructions and realizing that my Java was out of date. So I installed Java and then carefully followed the Mimin installation instructions. I also checked and reinserted the ethernet cables between my NAS, router, Mac, and DS. Everything seems to be in order, but I'm still getting the same outcome -- accessing only part of my music library and albums showing up multiple times on Kazoo. I also noticed that some of these multiple copies are entire albums and some are individual songs. I restarted my NAS, Netgear router , and DS, and that doesn't change anything. Confusing indeed! The fact that the DS would play music when the NAS was off, and that I could change albums when off, seems to imply that it must be playing music stored on my Mac, For me the two most confusing things are this and the multiple copies of albums that show up. When I look at them directly on the finder (file structure) on my Mac, there is just one of each there. I'll try the default option you suggest. Now that you mention it, that sounds familiar. Also worth noting, Qfinder doesn't seem to work -- when I open it nothing I click on does anything so I guess I'll try in online. I'm pretty sure that's what I did when initially setting this up around 10 years ago. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks Baba. I think I just stumbled onto a major clue. I turned my NAS off to reboot while playing music and the music continues to play while it is off. I was also able to change albums while the NAS was off. So, although It shows on Kazoo that I am playing music from the NAS, it must be music that is stored on my computer. This is odd since on Kazoo I selected music from "My Music, MinimServer (tom-nas). It seems that there must be a file that contains some but not all of music stored on my Mac and I am not accessing the NAS. I tried doing a "forgot password" on the QNAP site online, but it couldn't find my account with my email address or phone number. I'm pretty sure I had one when I got my DS and NAS many years ago but don't have one now. So I take it I should start a new account with them? Or use Qfinder? I was never able to really figure out how to use my NAS, but it worked fine for all this for about 10 years now. What does this suggest that I do next?
  13. I deleted the minimserver and minimwatcher and reinstalled the minimserver on my nas. Same problem. I'm in the process of trying to find my nas username and password, but no luck with that so far. Any ideas about how to do that? Given that this all worked fine for years with minim on my mac, I don't quite get why it would work better now on the nas. Before this happened I found myself needing to reboot my system more often than usual, I attributed it to internet issues due to heavy usage in my area due to heavy use during stay-at-home time due to the pandemic. Might be unrelated but I thought I'd throw that out there too. The "symptoms" I'm having are that Kazoo on my iphone now shows some but not all of my albums (far fewer than half) and shows multiple copies of them. They still play through my Renew DS. Has anyone seen or heard of this happening before? This has happened before on my system but I've always been able to get it back to normal. Many thanks for your help with this. I'm new here but used to frequent the old Linn forum. Glad to find this place.
  14. Thanks. I'll try those things. I can see the music files when I look in the finder on my Mac, so given your advice that suggests it's not a network problem. So I'll try B and report back. I won't be able to get to that for a few hours, but will definitely do so today. Thanks again!
  15. The music resides on my nas, minimserver is on the mac computer (desktop).