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  1. I reckon a lot of those sales were to me - I must buy at least two a week and then some used ones too
  2. No, made in house. Several of their drivers are made by Volt such as the 10 inch piston driver etc but not that one. Interestingly, earlier pro PMC's used ATC mids, eg the MB1.
  3. The only mid that is more or less the same at the ATC dome is PMC's - depends on who you talk to, one will prefer one to the other but both are excellent. I'm not talking the one used in the 26's or IB1 but the IB2, MB2 etc:
  4. At the last HiFi show I heard these being demoed and they were the most impressive speakers there
  5. Maybe my ears aren't what they once were but over the last year or so I've been trying a bunch of DAC's and have been surprised at how similar they sound making me wonder if they're all using a similar chipset? I keep coming back to my Cyrus CDi, sounds at least as good as any I have tried so far. I remember comparing studio DAC's 10/15 years ago and they all sounded very different..
  6. Apart from my record collection, and assuming I will always have enough space, my PMC IB2 SE's are staying. Every small system upgrade is shown fully on these speakers, they will out resolve anything so for that reason they can't go - and they're too heavy to move
  7. You'll need to find another 10 grand to do much better. Placement is worth playing with, they're a bit heavy to move though - I learned how to 'walk' them but watch your back! I hope you enjoy them for a long time
  8. I like the 2M Black so much I have two of them!
  9. Yay! Look back to page 2, it was me wot planted the ATC SCM40A's in your mind and so pleased that you like them
  10. The Project headshells have azimuth adjustment - I recently got the carbon fibre one for about 80 quid, looks good and I think it sounds better than my other one but it could be confirmation bias or whatever it's called.
  11. It may be worth trying to move them around in the room a bit, that could significantly change things.. Good luck!
  12. Sorry to take you on a tangent but how happy are you with your 171 and why didn't you go with their Jelco arm? Not asking because I'm thinking of getting one or anything...
  13. Personally, that's what I love about them.