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  1. Sorry, I really don't think you have a clue about what you're talking about. That was complete nonsense.
  2. I owned some mk2's for a while, I can report that the supplied links from ATC are perfectly up to the job. Driving them with an ATC P2 Pro.
  3. Both excellent, both very different, possibly the biggest deciding factor would be the room.
  4. I have PMC IB2 SE's. Fantastic speakers, super revealing, musical, able to go way louder than I could ever want with no distortion, sound great even at low volumes. ATC make amazing speakers too. If I had been a little more sensible I'd have got SCM 50's as they are truly fantastic. Active SCM 40's are brilliant, can't go wrong with either of these
  5. No idea, apparently it elevates the performance way beyond but anyway, their 540ML, on my system, sounds pretty epic. For the money it's remarkable so maybe they have worked out how to take these and do something special with them. They're not alone, don't companies like Clearaudio take AT carts and repackage them?
  6. They don't yet have this on their website - I just checked with them and the current run is about sold so they're not planning on doing any PR yet but this link to their AT 91 RigB upgrade explains what they do: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/The-RigB-Upgrade-metal-body-for-the-AT91-MM-Cartridge-AT91R-AT-3600L/233625105246?hash=item366524335e:g:R6QAAOSwLRde7mWm
  7. A bit of a gamble this but am half way through this triple album - some very cool 'stuff'. The sleeve notes are really interesting and in depth too.
  8. I am open to offers with this including a 2M Black cartridge (that has about 600 hours but will get you going before needing a stylus replacement)
  9. Just a brief update. After chatting with a few people that know the 1200G it was suggested that I try the modified Audio Technica AT 540 ML that https://theaudiofiles.co.uk have created, it's a custom CNC'd aluminium body. For less than 300 quid it seemed like it would be worth a try as if it was as good as promised I could upgrade to SLC stylus.. At first I was impressed at it's clarity then for a week rather disappointed as it didn't really make records very enjoyable. Just as well I stuck with it. It's now sounding rather gorgeous. One of the beauties of this TT is the ease of swapping carts and I have swapped backwards and forwards with my 2M Black and an older AT MC cart so the changes are not a case of 'getting used to it'. The only thing to note is that I swapped out my expensive phono cables for the stock ones supplied with the 1200G and that made everything more open and just nicer - I don't want to go down a cable thread but suspect the capacitance of these work better? I also changed the included AT head shell for the standard one supplied with the 1200G. Anyway, I will most likely get a Hana ML at some point but as I now have things, records sound fab so I'll just spend money on more records! Oh, it's worth mentioning that in addition to this cart sounding great it's super quiet. Older records that previously were not enjoyable due to surface noise and average condition may not sound exactly like new but some do and most are like a jump in grade, from VG to Excellent etc. Imaging is superb and the soundstage is wide and has good depth.
  10. I'm selling my unused and spare Clearaudio Concept turntable. I bought it a few years ago and found that an Ortofon 2M Black works really well with it but the TT is for sale without a cartridge unless you'd like to make an offer for the 2M Black. I *think* that I have the box but it's in the shed and I have a load of boxes piled up so will dig that out. Included is the expensive Perspex Lid and the small mechanical scales (work brilliantly) that are needed as electronic scales don't work unless you have one that measures the tracking weight at vinyl height because of the magnetic arm bearing. I have a ton of photos that I can email anyone that's interested but hope this pic clearly shows it's in great condition. I'd give is an 8 out of 10 as there is a tiny (very tiny) impression on the outer aluminium but you'd need to be very fussy to spot that. The arm lift tends to sag after being raised, I just haven't got around to tightening whatever it is but that's the only thing I can think of. I'm based in Chipping Norton and am looking for £700 which is about half what I paid for it so think that this is priced to sell. It is a very, very good sounding turntable and is only for sale now I have my Technics 1200G. Please pm me a message if you would like high resolution photos etc. Mike
  11. ATC or PMC both share the majority of installations in good studios - both British, both very good.
  12. They are excellent amps. More than half the studios I visit have active ATC's, they are the same amplifiers.
  13. Unless you have some decent room treatment I'd try and be as 'near field' as you can, meaning speakers close to you and not too large. Something cheap like KRK VXT4's or much better but more expensive ATC SCM 7/11's used could be ok but if you can, try to get some good open back headphones that can take the room out of the equation..
  14. ATC kindly lent me some active 150's a while back for a studio 'thing' in a new control room that hadn't yet had speakers installed. The room was nicely treated and was a reasonable size, larger than the average modern living room, and these were way too big for the room. You really need decent space for these to work, they sound much better when driven a bit so the 50's are really all most people need in domestic situations. That said, I'm running speakers about the same size The buyer probably got a bargain
  15. A proper mastering quality EQ would be far more useful and affordable: https://www.proaudioeurope.com/outboard/equalisers/avalon-ad2055-dual-eq.html https://www.proaudioeurope.com/outboard/equalisers/chandler-curve-bender-stereo-eq.html
  16. Only concern is that some reviews talk about needing to play with the loading etc. My Phonobox has MM or MC, that's it.
  17. Somehow I was expecting that answer The ML does 'sound' good... Good idea about selling some of the other 'stuff'. Many thanks!
  18. After digging in to a box I found an AT OC5 that I'd been given a few years ago but never tried as the screws needed weren't around and handn't got around to buying any. Anyhow, I spotted the set of longer screws that came with the Technics head shell and put that on to compare. There are some clear issues with it but what I really like is the sense of space and depth that it gives. Instruments and soundstage is much wider than the speakers. This has surprised me and can't work out if this is a 'moving coil thing' or is unique to this cart - whatever, I like it and would like to find something that has this combined with a more smooth response and more defined imaging. To confuse things further, I was also given a Koetsu Black that has no tip. I'm wondering if this might be worth getting Expert Stylus to re-tip but seeing some comments online not sure if that's a sensible route and would take ages. So I'm starting to think I might try either a Hana EL or AT OC9 or 33 for the time being and when lockdown is over and it's easier to go and listen I can then figure out what more serious cartridge to go with. Anyway, I was wondering if there's a good modestly priced smooth cartridge that gives an impressively wide soundstage?
  19. I have no interest in changing the arm, not for a long time thanks!
  20. I seem to have the 2M Black sounding very nice now, as you say, it's very fussy about VTA etc. My EAR Phonobox has no settings to tweak, just MM or MC From the sounds of things I will wait a bit and then go for a Hana - the beauty of this TT is the easy cart swapping
  21. In a rack you don't have to squeeze everything in together, with amps 2U space between is a good start, assuming that the machine room is ventilated etc.
  22. My ATC amp is yanked out of the studio, now sat hidden from view behind the TV. Handles can be very useful.
  23. Thanks and worth a look - I might have a little too much mid on my system (more or less studio PMC's etc) so looking for something that does have that mid detail but is slightly more on the relaxed side
  24. My son has my old Mk 5 - there is a massive difference
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