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  1. I cant help you but i am interested to learn about the results as i still have to install my new Dynamik PSU in a 4200, assuming that will be very similar to your project here. If you could place/send some photos/link to the video that would be great if no trouble! Success!
  2. in that case, I am going to do the same! If possible, could you give roughly the % of the trade-in value of the new price? Just to have a ball park so i can start saving and mentally prepare my wife ;-).
  3. Indeed very impressive and musical, love it. Never heard of them, thanks for the recommendation, love to learn about new music. Although a different genre, it does remind me a bit of Dream Theater here and there, also a very musical group.
  4. My vote would also be to go Aktiv but if that's not an option, I would suggest to make the step to Solos. Btw, is the A2200 the Dynamic version? If not, a Dynamic upgrade might give a bit more juice/punch. I upgraded my 4200's at the time and it made a difference. not huge to my ears though.
  5. I would be happy with a 4 hour drive......I am based in Panama and I've been shipping boxes across the world with no service/support available.... That's one of the reasons that i went straight to a Klimax LP12 level because i don't have the luxury to do updates on a regular basis (at least that was my excuse). I am a big Linn fan but honestly without a dealer close by it's very challenging overall and expensive.....
  6. hahaha ok...I thought Linn had quite strict requirements regarding dealers, support and installation?
  7. https://www.linn.co.uk/us/try-linn Fill in 'United States', Select 'Any turntable' and it gives you about 25 dealers in the US. Seems to have a pretty good coverage but mainly on the coast.
  8. Not too bad right and seems reasonable. I prefer not to do this same calculation for the New Generation DSM because it wont make any sense...;-)
  9. I might agree with this but never heard the Majik 140's. The thread that you're referring to is probably the one of @zee9 about Exakt. I believe he might be able to give you more insight, also related to your speakers.
  10. Thanks for sharing! Exciting. It's going to be expensive while still saving for the New Generation DSM
  11. Your Hub has the HDMI 2.0? Could it be that you have strong EMI on your HDMi cables in the back of your Hub? I've a similar setup but didnt experience this. Actually, i have a hybrid where some devices are directly connected to my TV and some through the ASH but no noticeable difference in video quality but will definitely double check.
  12. hi guys, I wanted to report back on this topic. I ordered XLR/RCA adapters from Moon Audio (https://www.moon-audio.com/moon-audio-rca-xlr-adapters.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwybyJBhBwEiwAvz4G733WIpYHjuKwiRnutssQHNHN2b-mBczSWZmprSEewvuWQG860RKfzRoCyGgQAvD_BwE). Very solid, gold plated and good fit. See pic. Although I see the advantage of going all-XLR, there is really nothing wrong with this setup and using these XLR to RCA converters. Most importantly, I am truly blown away of the improvement that came with this Organik upgrade. Big difference!
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