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  1. Well Flash, someone’s been busy. That DCS stack looks very impressive. Most of us could only dream of getting our hands on that lot. I’m sure there’s a grin on your chops every time you open the cabinet doors. Well done and enjoy.
  2. Yes, I can understand your thinking there regarding having a back up. Cheers
  3. It’s something I’ve considered but it’s not very “Green” when I have a 2 TB drive sitting around without anything to do. I’m kind of joking. The main thing is couldn’t I be in a similar situation of needing to keep the Sbooster at 5.5v? I appreciate the response though.
  4. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to remove the disc inside the WD elements drive. It’s a sealed unit component.
  5. Hello, thanks for that. The set up is working flawlessly so I’d just like confirmation that I’m not endangering myself or my Node 2i with the increase to 5.5v? I take on board your suggestion though. How much is a ssd drive to go into the caddy?
  6. Hello Node fans. It’s great that this thread is still going. I installed Pawel’s interface board and use an Sbooster with tremendous results. Worth the effort and money. If I could ask a question? I've only just got around to plugging in an external usb hard drive to play about 600gb of Flac files. It’s an unpowered WD Elements 2TB device. With the Sbooster set to 5v I can hear the hard drive struggle ie audible noise of it spinning and trying to read. It is silent in other devices. It does load up eventually but drops out a lot. After some thought I decided to switch the Sbooster to 5.5v. The WD hard drive is now silent and loads and plays perfectly. Is this safe and will it be ok for the Node? I do apologise if this is not the appropriate thread but I see Pawel has visited here recently and there are other knowledgeable chaps on here too. Good health
  7. Well, here I am asking a question from a post that is 10 years old! Vinyl, CD and now steaming are my sources. I’m using a pimped Bluesound Node 2i into a Mutec mc-3 USB going into a Topping D70 for streaming duties. On the whole, I’m very happy with sound this produces. I’ve come to the point whereby I’m thinking that I should rip my CDs (600?) and start streaming them off a Hard drive of some sort. This is for convenience, sound quality but mainly due to being aware how vulnerable one is renting music. IE Loss of internet connection, software update calamity in the device or even the longevity of the streaming Sites themselves. I have a iMac desktop which is fairly clean(not much on it) and has an internal cd drive, which shows its age. This in a different part of the house, quite a way from the HiFi I understand the idea and what software to use to rip the disks and what format to do this in. My question is, what is the best path from here to play through my Bluesound node 2i? Is it a Nas drive, a simple Hard drive plugged directly into the Node or should it go into the router? The router is in the same rack as my HiFi. Apologies if it sounds rather dim witted and has been answered before, but some advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Sound advice. Many thanks. I’ll update the thread as and when I find out anything worthwhile. Good health to you all.
  9. I’d probably agree with you if it was a straightforward digital source. However it isn’t. There are a number of variables. The sites server, the shared internet connection, router etc. Anyway, if people are not experiencing this then there must be an issue within my home.
  10. Hi. I can assure you my dealer completely understood the issue I was referring to. Drifting of the soundstage being the main problem.
  11. Sorry. I wasn’t ignoring you. Please don’t ask me how this could be possible? It has been explained to me about the internet feed, fluctuating bitrates and other things which I have no idea about, ha. I didn’t mean to say that the router could be at fault. It was just mentioned that it may or may not improve things. I will plug my old CD player in and do a like for like test when it happens again. It really is an odd one. I would say most(as in 70%) of the time the system sound tremendous. The amp is left on permanently so it’s doubtful it’s the amp but I will investigate further. There is actually one major thing which I didn’t mention in my initial post. There have been a few instances where when playing music through the bluesound app, the left and right channels switch! I close the app and reboot it and this rectifies itself. It happened a few times but not for a while. Again, I don’t know but it makes me aware that software can change the sound in the most extreme cases. Changing left and right!
  12. My hearing is fine, had it checked a year or so ago(valid point though). Amp has no balance control and yes I’ve thought could it be a component on one of the channels? I do have a turntable and CD player so the obvious thing would be to compare whenever it starts wandering again. My dealer friend though has said that this is a thing. He’s visited clients who have seriously high end systems. He’s plugged in a usb and played the same track from a file and the difference is a revelation apparently.
  13. That’s interesting. Thanks for responding. I’m surprised this hasn’t been reported before. A good soundstage is so important. If it is the IP, spending large sums on the equipment at the end of it, fills me with the thought of, is it worth spending high sums on components that only highlight the problem?
  14. I’m sorry, I should have said. I’m using a pimped Bluesound node 2i. I’ll try my phone and Airplay it though. Cheers
  15. Good afternoon and happy lockdown. I’m not entirely sure of the reasons behind what it is that I’m experiencing, but I thought that if there’s one place to ask it’s here. Whilst I’m streaming music on Amazon HD the center image (so primarily vocals) shift or wander from one side to another. I have played with speaker position many times but have accept that it is not the positioning or set up of my equipment. Some evenings it sounds spot on. The soundstage is stable, central and very satisfying. However during the very same session the sound will change - I switch to a track that I’d heard earlier and was previously ok. I sit there and scratch my head. I have mentioned this to a very knowledgeable dealer and he has suggested that the problem lies in the Internet service provider. He has suggested a change in router but that is not a cure all. Has anybody else experienced this wandering soundstage phenomenon? Thanks in advance.