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    Michell Gyro SE
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    tecno arm, Dynv 10X5
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    Trichord Dino me 1
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    Tweaked Node2i
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    Copland 266
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    Denafripps Pontus 11
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    Rather not say
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  1. Hello there. I could be interested in this. Is it still for sale? jim
  2. Hello, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve looked at various modifications for my trusty old Gyro. I think I’ll give True points a call today. Cheers
  3. That’s very kind of you, John. I was going to come to the Wam show this year, for the first time. Just to see how other people’s systems worked and chew the fat. Real shame it’s cancelled. How does the Orbe platter change the sound? Cheers
  4. Ha. It sounds fabulous for everything else. I apologise, I’m not a man of mystery.
  5. Yes, The dynavector has a high output of 2.5 ml volts. So no need for a sut. I suppose I’m in a classic upgrading conundrum. £1K is a sizeable investment for a secondary source, for me. If I need £2K to buy and cart and phono stage am I just better off keeping the system as it is until something actually stops working? Ha! My feeling is to present the signal derived from my Dynavector in a better way and when that wears out go higher then. Who's got a BB3 they don’t want then? All the best.
  6. Thanks, I really do appreciate the reply’s and input on my query. I have been really concentrating on the digital side of things and have reached a level I’m very happy with. I think I may go down the Phono stage route as the Dynavector has a few years left in her. I’ve only had it a few years and vinyl is not my primary source so I’m not playing records every day. However, when I do I smile a lot. Ha
  7. Thanks. You lot have got me looking at the Hana ML and it’s tempting. What would your definition of a serious stage be?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I will consider the cartridge upgrade, however, I have lost a little confidence in my Dino as, per my opening question, the screening caps pull out when the RCA’s are pulled out. Cheers
  9. Hiya. I thought listing the source side of things would be enough? Sorry. Im using an Integrated ss class a/b amp from the states and a bookshelf speakers with a ribbon tweeter. I’d rather not mention the models and brands. The sound is nicely detailed and in my room, well balanced. Names I’ve considered are a used Tom Evan’s The Groove, Trilogy 906 and I keep returning to reading about the Bluebottle 3. Cheers
  10. Good day to you all. Ive owned a Trichord Dino mk1 for many years. I added a Dino+ psu a while back and have enjoyed it. Whilst having a move around, I noticed that the screen caps, on the rca sockets, come out when the interconnects are removed. When pushed back in the stage works fine. It has got me thinking though. Is it time for a change? Do I keep the psu and buy a Dino mk3? Are there genuine improvements or do I stick with what I’ve got? What about the Never connected upgrade path? Is it time to try something completely new? Should I put the money on a new cartridge instead? I’m using a Michell Gyro se, tecno arm with a Dynavector 10x5 Mc. Ive invested more into my digital front end recently and am very happy with that. I do still enjoy spinning some vinyl though. Probably wouldn’t want to spend more than £1K. Input greatly appreciated.
  11. I did have a RA period. The mains cables and silencer made seemingly positive differences to my then CD based mid range system. It smoothed out the rather aggressive and shouty sound, that was fairly common place in the mid 90s. I went further and got a purifier mains block and some additional mains cables. Then one day, a dealer came over to demo some speakers. In what I thought was a throwaway comment, he suggested when he left the speakers, that I should plug my mono block amps directly into the wall socket and to revert to standard mains cables. Well, I was stunned. Simply stunned of how much the sound opened up. Height, depth and resolution. I realised that digital technology had moved on and that “rolling off” effect the woven RA cables produced was just not required anymore and was actually holding the system back. I have sold the lot. Just my experience.
  12. By way of an apology. Not wanting to throw, the cat among the pigeons, but my Denafrips Pontus 11 arrived a few days ago and guess what? It did contain a mains lead! That’s the internet for you, for misinformation. However, after a brief comparison my audiophile cable, used previously in my D70, took its place. Ha.
  13. Yep. So a product manufactured in China and distributed from Singapore is always shipped to multiple territories, without a mains lead? I’ve never heard of one. In fact there’s usually a multitude of electrical connections and adapters in an overly packaged box just waiting for land fill.
  14. The Denefrips Pontus dac which is gaining rather a significant reputation is shipped without a mains cable. Make of that, what you will.
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