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  1. Thomas, thanks for your advice and counsel. The impediment is cash flow. I can't swing all of this at one time; coronavirus, US tax time and all that. I will have to upgrade in two distinct steps; bearing/subchassis and power supply. Which order makes most sense to you, money aside?
  2. David, you have a gift for clear, understandable explication of sometimes complicated and subjective matters. I learn much from everyone here, yourself very much included.
  3. mskaye, Agree . Balance in all things. Everything matters. For better or worse, I've made my choice of cartridge; a low hour Grado Reference2. I have a tube MM phono stage. A MC would have required me to put my McIntosh head amp into the chain. Besides, I like high end the Grados' house sound: very dynamic, golden midrange and powerful, controlled bass-that swing thing again. On the other hand, it gives up something in soundstaging and high end extension but those are lesser personal preferences.
  4. Scott, I welcome your opinion. What you say seems indisputable-expensive upgrades should "change" the sound or else the money's wasted. My concern was/is that these changes would eliminate the "swing factor" in favor of a more "neutral" sound. My thinking is a consequence of my priorities and the way I process information. My work requires that I live in my head while music roots me in other parts. Some/many undoubtedly find neutral/clean/clear, what have you, to be more rewarding. Horses for courses. To your observation, I'll take "tighter" as long as it still swings.
  5. ジャズ喫茶、jyazukissa. Well done, Akamatsu. My half fantasy, half genuine plan is to open a jazz kissaten in the US when I retire in a couple of years. Hard bop and whiskey. A Radikal is likely out of my $$$ range for a while but the Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4 upgrade seems to be in my immediate future. "Bigger and more present" is exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. Akamatsu, I should have provided this in the first post: stock early 80s, pre-Cirkus table> Ittok LVII > Lingo 1. Piccadilly, you read me well. I've heard other tables, several VPIs in particular, and admire aspects of their sound. However, I found myself losing the emotion/humanity of the music. That is why I've never been tempted to abandon the LP12 despite how fiddly it can be. I'm also biased towards yesterday's audio products. I own an original production MC275 amp and very efficient Klipsch horn speakers. I believe they are synergistic with my music collection-1950s and 60s jazz . Perhaps because their basic sound was what the recording engineers had in mind. I have spoken with a local LP12 dealer who was recommended on this site. I intend to bring him my deck for anaysis and to listen to current offer LP12s for comparison. Unfortunately, he is quite old and works very part-time. So it could be awhile. That is why I posed my questions. Curiosity has gotten the best of me. Thanks for your responses.
  7. Thanks for your advice and observation. Based purely on my reading, the Lingo 4>Kore/Karousel seemed appropriate. Also helpful to know that one cannot eliminate the LP12 "house sound". This was a worry.
  8. I'm trying to determine an upgrade path for my early 1980s LP12. This forum has educated me on the Linn LP12 upgrade hierarchy and generally accepted upgrade path. I don't challenge that wisdom. I also accept that every upgrade step yields and "improvement" in sound quality. My question doesn't relate to which improvements are "best" or in what order should they be made. Rather, I'd like to know from the experienced ears here what does each improvement sound like? What does it do to the sound/music from the LP12? I ask because it seems to me that a "tunable" component such as the LP12 can, through the choice of upgrades, be brought closer to the owner's individual musical preferences even if those preferences differ from Linn orthodoxy. For example, I place a premium on recreating as much of the experience of being in a small jazz club, feet away from the musicians as the rest of my system can convey. Consequently, I prioritize large and small scale dynamics (PRAT) and tight tuneful bass over absolute detail retrieval or timbral purity. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing." I imagine certain upgrades are more suited to these music priorities than other upgrades. My thinking might be wrong. It might be that upgrades cannot be individually classified this way. It might also be that the sound of any upgrade depends significantly on other upgrades in the chain such that in application no upgrade possesses a universal "sound". Maybe I am asking for the impossible and I will have to make my choices on some other basis. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now that we are slowly reopening commerce in LA, I intend to call Stan and will post my experience. Glad to hear that you table is up and running and at such a reasonable cost. My situation is a bit different. I bought my early 80s vintage LP12 sometime during the late 1990s. It came with an Ittok and a basic power supply. I used it continuously until 2015. During that time I added an outboard PSU (Manticore MB6-I believe that company no longer exists), various cartridges culminating in a Grado Reference, a Cardas phono cable and had the suspension redone. Everything worked fine when I reintroduced it to my system 3 months ago. I'm very happy with the table/arm/cartridge having not been spoiled/enticed by hearing newer iterations. I'm open to a limited upgrade, perhaps a Cirkus bearing and subchasis if that can still be found. Maybe even a Kore and Karousel. Most important to me is establishing a relationship with someone who can keep the table in tune and offer a thoughtful upgrade path whether I follow that or not. I used to go to Brooks Berdan who was somewhat of a local legend as a LP12 whisperer but he has since passed away.
  10. I've read many of your posts in my short time here. Your recommendation carries much weight. Thanks.
  11. Monkey Wrench, thank you. A while back someone else suggested him and now you. That is a good sign.
  12. New member and enjoying the wisdom here. Apologize for starting with a request. I'm looking for a knowledgeable person, preferably in the Los Angeles area to troubleshoot my mid 1980s LP12 and guide me along an upgrade path. I purchased the table second hand in the late 1990s fitted with an Ittok LVII and Valhalla. Since then, I replaced the Valhalla with a Manticore MB6 outboard PSU (which was supposed to be a Lingo 1 equivalent) and replaced the springs. Thanks in advance.
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