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  1. My Troeds 2 door cupboard TV stand. Got a few nice pieces of mid century stuff now, can’t get enough of it
  2. Selling as they’re not been used and have been used very little since I got them. These are the iPhone compatible model. £35 delivered to UK adresses. I have the case, but not the box. In excellent condition. Location is Wakefield
  3. Thanks for the link, something else to worry about! I’m about the same as you
  4. I don’t find them fatiguing at all. Often find myself turning the system up rather than off
  5. I love mine, but they’re in a fairly small room and never really get pushed hard. Plenty of detail and enough bass for me, does need the volume up a touch to get the best of the bass. Superb on vocals and very revealing of tiny details
  6. Ahead of the curve too with that usb socket on the front 😜
  7. Looking for the above in black if anybody has one not been used please. Cheers
  8. Good on you and your daughter, I think karma will be kind to those who look out for animals who need a little help
  9. Do you have an allergy, injections sound extreme??
  10. My lovely little listening pal Lula, adopted her in 2006
  11. I’ve worked on various building sites for the duration of the pandemic without a sickie and I’m not dead yet. Supposed to be off to Croatia on Sunday, but the government put a stop to that as Croatia’s rate of around 200 per day is far more of a threat to me than the rate in the U.K. If I haven’t been in contact with anybody carrying it during my time at work, sharing canteens and shit pots I’d be very surprised. The state of most of the sites I’ve worked on, I should be immune to anything
  12. Sounds like that’s a digital coax out to feed into a dac. Do you have a set of stereo phonos on the player? You might have bought a transport without dac built in
  13. Stick a Mytek Brooklyn + or Bridge on your list, they do a power amp to match. Digital or analogue volume control and plenty of filters to tailor the sound to your liking
  14. 80 quid for the 1st The Bronx LP and it’s only 33 minutes long, looks nice in a frame stuck on the wall though!