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  1. He’s had a Luxman of mine for over two years now with very little progress and no updates unless I pester him, so nope
  2. Any recommendations for a reliable and quick repair shop around Leeds please? I’ve used Abacus in the past, but he’s retired now. I’ve been recommended Wilkinson’s in Nelson, but he’s due a holiday soon, so can’t get much out quickly. Anybody else o could try?
  3. What kind of cables would you build for pre to power? I’ve a new pre coming for demo, but only have diy “shoestring” ic’s or the Cardas I’m trying to flog at the mo. What would you buy off the shelf if you fancied a tiny bit of foo?
  4. If you use APC through Overland Express it’s £10 insurance per £1000 of cover. I used it last week and had my refund from retailer within 24 hours of dropping at my local APC depot
  5. Superb little speakers 👍
  6. Made a couple of plinths for my little Neats to replace some slabs they were plonked on. Seems to have softened a touch of bass boom I had at higher volume. Bought a nice chunk of American black walnut to match the walnut used on the speakers, cut to the size I wanted, a soft sanding with fine paper and some teak oil to finish them
  7. There are a couple on eBay located in Germany which seem like the real deal
  8. I’m thinking an Alps to be honest, but the ones on the site only go to 50k
  9. You’re probably right, it’s gonna sit in a rack anyway, so not going to be looked at too often. My amp seems to be behaving at the mo too, so I can’t see a repair been too difficult if it does need to go in the workshop. I’m leaning towards a Pioneer N50 at the mo if I can get one at the right price
  10. Looking for a decent 100k motorised pot to go with a Glasshouse kit I plan to buy for remote volume control. Cheers
  11. I thought pretty much the same thing about a Star I got, no top end sparkle to cymbals and just flat and lifeless. Pleased I’m not on my own
  12. I’m currently struggling with this quandary. My pre amp matches my power amp with the original instruction booklets and the sought after Super Servo cable, but it’s playing up on occasion (6 hours trouble free yesterday) I stuck a Naim in its place and didn’t like it. Probably an easy fix, but I don’t know whether to keep looking for something that may not exist or persevere with this one and add any streamer that I like to my set up
  13. I did spot these myself on a site selling the Rose jobbie, looks fairly decent but I’m not sure I could fit it in the rack without sticking it on top the record player