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  1. Hi all, wifi from comp to Yam, then analogue from Yam to Nad, so Nad doing the work..thanks for the replies, makes sense.
  2. Hi, just a quickie, and think I have this right - If I rip CD's using EAC, to windows media player as a server, pick the server as a playback option on Yamaha WX-Ad10 then play it through NAD D2020 v2, which DAC is being used? EAC/windows media (do they have DAC's), the Yamaha, or the NAD? If I bought a separate DAC, where does it go - between the Yamaha and the NAD? But then how is the NAD's DAC *not* used in this scenario? Think I'm getting myself a bit confused and just need a basic lesson in understanding :-)
  3. Hi all, once again thanks for the input. Yeah I think a few have nailed it on the head with the volume control. This caught my eye "Most amps seem to have most of their gain on the first third of the volume dial/control. After that any increase in volume is much smaller for the next third, and even smaller for the final third." and might explain why I thought the amp was struggling. I mean, the first 50% is almost silent, then you hear the volume as the amp is turned up but the more I turned it up, the slower it got loud, if that makes any sense at all. When the display got to 90% (another point made above) I was scared to push it further as it 'looked' and 'felt' like it was struggling although never 'heard' as if it was - I hope that makes sense also. Just not used to digital amps and volume controls that just forever sppn I think. In reality the volume was probably not near 90%. I still cant get it out of my head that it 'struggles' but in reality it probably doesn't and over time hopefully this will sink in with me.
  4. Yeah fixed output level ... no tone controls selected ...
  5. Thanks for all the posts again :-) To answer a few questions - CA sub - Cambridge Audio subwoofer. Just bought recently and the problem was the same before the sub so I know thats not the issue. Had a good play with the settings for the Node but can always try again. I didnt demo in the shop, nearest one is a 250 mile round trip and we were in lockdown etc. Always been happy with NAD amps so didnt foresee any issue. No other sources attached. As I think Ihave said, its not that I am unhappy with the sound, just get the feeling something isn't quite right with it as explained. Much appreciate everyones comments, a bit more tinkering I think
  6. Cheers. Detail, that was what was apparent immediately, the detail the node offers. Although more than that tbh ,I have just been focusing on the 'loudness' at the minute. I have also heard that the node takes a while to run in, whether thats a true thing, or just getting used to the sound is another question :-) will check out the db amps if I can.
  7. Hi, yeah should have explained for completeness. I had this issue before the node, I was using WXD-A10, just a cheap streamer, and thought it might be that which is one of the reasons I changed to the node, anyway, there is some bizarre fixed volume issues with the node, but playing around with both options, even on the loudest output setting (fixed volume) the Nad still produces the volumes listed above.
  8. Hi, you good folks of this forum have helped me out with a number of issues recently, and I'm returning with yet another one. So, system now the NAD amp, node2i streamer, Q Acoustics 3020i speakers and a CA sub. I just feel something is not quite right with the amp but wonder whether I am being swayed by previous NAd amps I have owned. To listen to my music 'loud', that is as loud as I can without the neighbours complaining, so in reality not that loud considering I live mid-terrace, the amp needs to go to 90% volume. Even my usual background light listening at night the amp is around 60-70%. thing is, I'm happy with the sound, no clipping, no distortion, the music sounds decent, I just dont think the amp should be working that hard to produce the sound that it does, if that makes sense - also should mention I only really have it at those levels for 1 song, rarely any longer as I do not want to upset the neighbours. Part of me thinks, I'm Ok with the sound, just enjoy the music, another part thinks, its just not right. I also wonder whether I am coloured by previous amps, I know the first generation 3020 I had, what 30 years ago, you couldn't turn the volume past 3 (from 1-10), and the amp was rated at only 20 W (IIRC). The new generation is 2x30W yet I have to have it at almost maximum volume to get anything near what could be classed as loud. There are a few concerns on Google that the amp is underpowered, but I have (I think) relatively easy to drive speakers, I bought the NAd and the speakers as part of a package deal from Sevenoaks so you would expect them to play nicely. Am I just looking for faults? after all I'm happy with the sound and that all that matters right? But in the back of my mind I dont know how long I can live with the feeling that it shouldn't be this way. there are another couple of minor issues with the amp, the back is very crowded, 4 set of speaker cable, RCA inputs and the sub on a small faceplate make it difficult to all fit in, plus the touch controls are a little fiddly - all issues I can live with if the volume issue is sorted but just wonder if better to cut my losses (only 4 months old, in pristine condition etc) and move on... As always, grateful for any input and comments :-)
  9. Cheers Jamster, always had it on Its actually quite good as well, not a gimmick!
  10. Cheers Martin, and that is what I was kinda looking for, will the quality of the source increase the bit I feel is 'missing'? And it looks like it wont. Have had a play about and I have had it on wifi all along so yeah, seems sub next option. much appreciated guys :-)
  11. Yes, but that was 20 years ago and was hoping technology had moved on so these new fangled streamer thingies and digital amps would compensate...apparently not :-)
  12. Hi all, really appreciate the time taken to reply, lots to think about. First of all I want to make sure I'm getting the best from the source I have, but confused whether I am listening over BT or wifi - there was a good post earlier about checking so will do that. Second, sub option, have to admit the best system I ever had comprised of small standmount ProAc 1sc speakers with a sub, and swore then that any future system would have one...just want to make sure I'm optimising the source I have as it might give me what I am looking for without the sub if wifi is significantly better/I do not have it connected correctly, although I guess from the comments the system will probably still sound a bit light without the addition of a sub. Someone made a good point, all the recommendations are for a Bluesound but is it overkill for just listening in one room through Spotify? I listen a lot, all day to speech radio with the odd Planet Rock thrown in but most nights consist of a good 2-3 hours solid music (Rock/metal/punk), so I'm happy to spend the cash on a good system if needed, but one of the reasons I got the Yamaha in the first place over the Bluesound was recommendations on here that, if its just used for Spotify then the Yamaha is the option to go for. I think I just need to make sure I am listening to wifi, need to figure that out, and if its still not quite what I am after then look at either sub or upgrade the streamer. Again, many thanks for all the help, love this place :-)
  13. Cheers Uzzy, thanks for the reply - hard to know what to say, my system is ...ok...but I think it could be better, possibly just by the connection - the Yamaha does airplay but how do I know if its going through airplay or BT? Would the difference be noticeable? There seems a massive jump between the wxd at £150 then the next nearest equivalent at £450, then the next £750 (Cambridge) feel like I am missing some understanding here?
  14. Hi, got a lot of good advice on this forum a few months ago when looking to buy a system. Have the Nad D 3020 mk11 amp, Yamaha WXAD-10 Network Music Streamer as my source, along with Q Acoustics 20i speakers. While I am happy with what I have for music in the background, I do think it lacks...something. A bit depth, a bit bass, a bit presence I think. Thing is, I'm not really sure I have the connection with the source and amp as the optimum, basically is the WXD 'just ' a bluetooth speaker - would going wifi be better? Can I do that with the Yamaha or is it now I need to look at the more expensive dedicated streamers ie Audiolab, Cambridge etc? Thought of just getting a sub but to be honest I think I would like to maximise source quality before looking at speakers. I think, I'm just a bit confused on what I have bought - should BT be good enough, is wifi 'that'; much better? Is there an alternative? Would dropping £450 on a dedicated streamer (is the WXD not that?) give me what I am looking for? Should say, for clarity, have no interest in multiroom, got the system in my (large) bedroom but have no interest listening to it elsewhere - money not too much of a problem (relatively) if there are any upgrade issues need addressing - basically just want a good system that can work with spotify have no cd or vinyl ! Hope this makes sense !
  15. Havent read the whole thread (and I hate it when people do that, but I need to run....) have you considered using a sub? Paired correctly can give you all the bass you want (subtley) and not have the associated thump thump of large speakers. Best speaker pairing I ever had were ProAc response 1sc little standmounts, but complemented by a sub...it was very subtle but for me who likes my rock and punk music with a fair dose of bass it certainly worked at low listening levels
  16. Hi all, thanks for the replies. When I have had another look at it, I have mistaken where the MAX of the amp is, I have got so far up (if you know the amp, level to the AUX setting) and I have just taken that as the max, don't know why . When in fact the max is still another half way up the amp. I think whats thrown me here is I am used to NAD amps where anywhere past 1/3rd of the dial was too loud, this one just seems to keep going and going and I was worried I was pushing it too much. To be honest, it still doesn't seem 'right', especially the BT which is really really quiet (it shouldn't take over half way up the amp to get to hear it should it - perhaps someone with the same amp could clarify but being new to the forum I dont know who has one)?? I am connecting using the RCA interconnects and no jack plug so that can't be the answer
  17. Another thing, trying to tidy up the cables and took out the Ethernet cable to the Yamaha...the music carried on playing, no difference whatsoever in SQ etc - am I just streaming the music direct from my phone (Spotify, well Musicast but it just opens the Spotify app) bypassing the Yamaha which may explain the low sound? For clarification I have the Yamaha connected via RCA interconnect to AUX on the amp. Confused and frustrated
  18. Hi, trying to set up my new system, have not done something like this for 20 odd years so I'm sure its just something I have missed rather than the equipment...anyway... Q Acoustics 3020i being fed by a NAD D3020 V2 using Yamaha WX-AD10 (streamer) as a source. I have to turn the amp up to 3 before I can faintly hear anything, and when its on almost max it sounds as loud as I would expect a system on half way to sound if that makes sense. I know on my old NAd 3020amp from 30 years ago you couldn't get the volume past a quarter without it being ear splitteringly loud, I just cant believe the volume is that sensitive that to get it to a decent listening volume you have to turn it up to 7/8ths of the max?? Its even worse when listening to bluetooth through the amp, I hear nothing until its almost on Max, then just a faint sound. What am I doing wrong, its almost as if there is a loudness button I am missing? I have checked speakers and they are all in phase (red to red etc) tried wiring speaker cable at amp end with bare wire, as well as banana plugs but everything is still the same :-( Helps please
  19. Kernow, hmm, not sure what you mean - £150 for network receiver, £530 for the amp and the speakers means I spent £10 on cables (1.5% rather than the 10% you are recommended to spend on cables)
  20. Hi all, thanks so much for all the advice, have ended up, after much deliberation, ordering the Nad 3020 (recommended) plus the Q acoustics 3020i( recommended and on offer at sevenoaks, also recommended) plus the yamaha WXAD10 as my streamer (yet again, recommended on here). Fully blind, no listening...lets see what this turns out like Very much looking forward to it and well under budget as well (£690 including cables etc), thanks so much for the input everyone, this place is as helpful now as it was oooh at least 15 years ago
  21. Mg, thats perfect thank you, that seems exactly the sort of thing i am after . Now, any recommendations on amps and speakers kidding, i’ll start researching them myself much appreciated everyone
  22. Hi, thanks for this, learning as I go I know exactly how I will use it, I have no music stored on computer, or on a usb or Nas drive etc, my whole listening is done through Spotify on my phone to the Sonos speaker. I want to replicate that experience but in a better quality. I thought it was as straightforward as buying an amp, streamer with Bluetooth/airplay and there you go. Clearly not! So if I have understood, to get the quality I’m after, forget bt and airplay, get a dedicated streamer that has WiFi (yes?) and Spotify connect and this will still allow me to control the music with my phone? Cheapest of which seems to be the Yamaha or Note mentioned above(but with an amp and passive speakers, rather than the suggested active ones, again I’m purely thinking upgrade potential here)? also, Inhave no desire to stream around the home, it’s simply a system for the one room.
  23. Hmm thanks for that Lurch, I didn’t know that and confuses me even more now lol. Is there a definitive guide somewhere that explains this for dummies like me? Or is it just as simple as making sure my streamer streams directly from wi-fi rather than bt?
  24. The Nad interests me, not least because I also owned the original 3020. However, I note it’s not airplay 2...no one seems to have commented on that yet, with having iPad/iPhone etc will airplay give me better quality than Bluetooth or is it much of a muchness?
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