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  1. That was not the question. Of course, there might be personal preferences, but musically (or entertaining, as I prefer to say), the LP wins over CD in 99 out of 100. Actually I have never heard a title on CD to be more musically/entertaining than the same title on LP. Otherwise I would have ditched LP long time ago. Just my view.
  2. Must have been in the late 80s, when my town got the first Linn dealer. I went there a number of times, very sceptical and not exactly impressed by the system they were playing on. Also, all the other dealers assured me that these Linn guys were completely bonkers. It took me several years to figure out what Linn was all about. Finally, I was allowed to borrow home a LK1 and try it out, then the coin fell down.
  3. Well, first of all it is preferred to use either balanced or non-balanced at both ends. The reason for the abundance of non-balanced connectors is two-fold: 1) non-balanced connectors are cheaper than balanced connectors and 2) balanced connectors are judged to be unnecessary outside the studio (or stage). This may also touch on another more "sensitive" topic: which connection is best sonically: a balanced or a non-balanced. I am sure people have very different opinions on that, as you can see on different "high-end" hifi producers. Some of those refuse to use balanced connectors
  4. From this we can perhaps conclude that balanced output to balanced input and nonbalanced output to nonbalanced input will always be the best connection of equipment. It is only when connecting balanced with non-balanced equipment that you should take some precautions Check out the recommendation chart (link provided above) for the best configuration of the connection.
  5. If it can be confirmed that the output stage of Klimax Exaktbox is transformer-coupled it seems that the recommendation is configuration "6" in the chart, that is, a semi-balanced XLR cable ending in a RCA plug without connected screen.
  6. For once my intuition seems to be right: check this link, you should have configuration "4" in the chart (output XLR to input RCA) https://www.ranecommercial.com/kb_article.php?article=2107
  7. The only difference will be the cold or inverted signal: either it ends at Exaktbox output whith the soldered XLR (using RCA cable) or it goes along with XLR cable and ends just before the soldered RCA at the amp. I have no idea how it influences the music, but would go for RCA cable and a soldered XLR. The extra strand in the XLR cable might work as an antenna. Just maybe.
  8. I would certainly not buy ANYTHING, Linn or other stuff, that has not convinced me at a live demo, especially considering the royal prices now being asked. Even better, try to borrow the gear and try it out in your system before deciding. Just my advice.
  9. The most fascinating with the new Klimax DSM will always be its price and not what it can perform. They should have called it the Oligark DAC, considering who is going to afford one. First batch of ten, engraved with double-headed eagles, bought by an anynomous in Switzerland.
  10. Place four meatballs under the Trampolin feet for optimal decoupling
  11. I use Deltron RCAs (product code 321-0500) and I can recommend them (if you can find them). Nothing fancy, just basic studio quality. For interconnect I use Gotham GAC cable. I make my own soldering since I use XLR to RCA. In my system, I found these "cheap" studio cables and RCA much better soundwise than Linn Blacks and Linn RCAs. It can be worth a try, compared to "audiophile" cables and connectors, these are almost free.
  12. My music interest started when I attended high school because all my class-mates constantly discussed which records to buy. Also we had a record store (the "famous" Bengans in Gothenburg, Sweden) nearby school. Almost every lunch break was spent in the store, which could be expensive.
  13. I listen almost exclusively to rock/pop/synth and I arrange my vinyl records chronologically. It can be tough to remember which year artist X did the record Y, but I want to cover records made from when I was born (1964) to present. There is a huge bump in number of records at the year 1981. A truly golden year for music in my taste.
  14. I use a cheap plastic leveling "eye" that I put directly on the platter. I have the Solid base board (metal variant) and IKEA Lack table. Any leveling that is needed I accomplish by inserting a thin cardboard chip under one of the feet of the table. The LP12 is usually in level if the table is.
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