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  1. Hi Dom, you would be very welcome to compare stages over here, area is DY4 near Dudley.
  2. Firebottle

    Valve info

    I have one, PM for details.
  3. Just to be pedantic, the radio altimeter frequencies are 4.2 to 4.4 GHz.
  4. Whatever introduces aliasing products into the audio bandwidth is going to sound crap IMHO. MQA
  5. I'd like to attend with my better half as well.
  6. If the problem is lack of gain into the power amp then yes.
  7. Rare opportunity to own a Sage Audio Supermos 2 power amplifier. Using the Sage Audio Supermos 2 250W modules but under-run giving 110W per channel maximum. Fully dual mono build with two 500VA toroidal transformers giving +/- 55V supply rails. Has been used as the daily driver for a few years driving Magnepan 1.6 panel speakers, sounds really good. It is big at 63cm wide and heavy at nearly 21kg so collection only. Looking for £150.
  8. 6N2 Valve based buffer surplus to requirements. Built into steel case, gain of 12dB (x4), DC heaters, 560k input impedance. £40, collection preferred but will post at cost.
  9. A Jitter figure of 1pS (or whatever) doesn't tell you how it sounds though does it? (Clue: the answer is Yes or No)
  10. Nothing 'added'? How about 'changed'. It's not just distortion, or lack of it, that changes a sound signature. Small phase anomalies can be caused by transmission line layout or clock signal interaction, power supply noise or less than optimum impedance can cause audible changes.
  11. Vandenhul health-ring specifications: 'following' What a crock of sh1t.
  12. Simon when you have a very low distortion system it is easy to discern differences between OFC and OCC cables, no matter what the length. Getting to a very discerning system can be expensive though.
  13. Perhaps the design choices have been constrained by the budget/selling price allocated. Uninvolving is a rather loose term, the kit may sound very good in a mid priced system (typical system, mid-fi system, use whatever descriptive term of your choice). I'm not sure all designers have a handle on what details (tips and tricks?) would make for a more involving (better) sound. I have one particular individual in mind.
  14. I am firmly in 'Not everything that matters can be measured' camp. Show me the measurements that describe the difference heard with alternative RCA plugs.. (Not leads, just the plugs)
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