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  1. I was tempted by an early Mk1 version of the Linn Kan from 1982, serial numbers 19717 and 19718, understanding that Linn Kan owners believe the earlier the version the better. I already own a later Mk1, but hey whats wrong with having two pair and selling one on, keeping ones favourite. Here is how they were described on ebay " Hi and welcome to my auction for a superb pair of Linn Kan MK1 loudspeakers, the original and best sounding model. This pair are in fantastic condition, perfect working order and sound just as a classic Linn Kan should. Lightly used, they have consecutive serial numbers and still have the original build stickers on the base (very rare).There are a few very light marks as you would expect, there are also several tiny indents on the base where they have been placed on spiked stands. The original grill cloth is in perfect condition." Paid £320 plus delivery of £22 and plugged em in. Well I say plugged em in, part of the binding post had at some time sheered off, which meant I could not connect my banana plugs, so I had to remove my banana plugs and wire them directly. Initial sound tests were kinda ok, the speakers sounding as you might expect, similar to the pair I already own, but not really better. I resolved the binding post issue by contacting the seller, who sent me £20, which I was satisfied with. However a few days later listening to the speakers, I noticed a disturbing resonance whilst listening to classical guitar, it appeared to be occurring in the range 100-300 Hz. By this time I'm thinking, Houston we have a problem and with no way to remove the grill I could not inspect the drivers. After some research on the internet I came across I had a look customer feedback and gave the owner Andrew a ring. Explained the problem to him and some weeks later sent the speakers off to him for testing. He does not charge for testing, but will give you a quote to fix problems he encounters. After analysis he provided a very detailed report together with photographs and a quote for parts and restoration. In my case the rubber roll surrounds of the B110 drivers were failing, which was the cause of the resonances I was detecting and many of the components of the crossover were far from not meeting specification. This is what he did Test tweeters and midrange drivers, supply and fit outer roll suspension to midrange drivers Supply and fit exactly matched Solen capacitors and Expotus resistors Supply and fit ALR4 (4-core) woven cable with soldered connections Supply and fit gold binding posts (4mm banana/spade/bare wire) Supply and fit Butyl driver seals Deep Clean Performed airtight test Final testing and impedance check Refitted grills enabling removal by velcro pads The total cost of the restoration was £361.58 and let me tell you it has totally transformed the speakers. I suppose I'm now hearing what the original buyer must have heard 38 years ago. They are simply incredible for their size and according to Andrew, bass will improve after around 60 hours burn-in. Are they perfect, well no, but all the superlatives you might expect me to talk about e.g. dynamic, separation, imagery, holographic are all there, but with a dose of excitement too. In my application, a smallish room pinned on Linn Stands tight to the wall, they are ideal. The sting in the tale here and lesson here is this. The speakers I bought off ebay were not as the seller said " in perfect working order ", in fact far from it and in reality how could they be, that is the lesson. Over a period of 38 years, capacitors dry out, materials degrade and components suffer wear and tear with use. The Kans I bought could never be expected to measure the same as they did in the factory, its just unrealistic to thing they could. However not everything was bad news. Andrew reported the drivers to be in good condition and performing within specification, save the rubber suspension surrounds issue. The speakers now have a new lease of life, with new gold plated binding posts, replacement crossovers and better wiring. The grills can come off enabling future servicing to be easier. I don't expect I'll ever need to service them again, they'll go to my son. Thanks to people like Andrew from Anapeach Loudspeaker Restoration, classic British Hi-fi will go on delivering their beautiful music for another 38 years. Here is a breakdown of my total outlay for the Linn Kans 29th July bought on ebay £341.90 Less £20 refund for spades -£20.00 21st Sept postage to Anapeach £8.69 6th Oct Restoration Anapeach £361.58 10th Oct return postage £16.79 £708.96 In conclusion, I've shelled out £708.96 for something I paid £320 on ebay, which is 38 years old. I don't expect any pair of Kans aged 38 years will fair any better than the ones I bought, unless you are extremely lucky. So be careful what you buy on Ebay and don't be surprised if you have to pay out some more money to bring them up to spec. Would it be easier just to shell out £649 on a brand new pair of say Kef LS50, sure it would, but I have a pair of those too and can tell you that I prefer the sheer musicality of the Kans. I'm not saying the Kans are better bye the way, only that I prefer them. Taste after all is personal. I have absolutely no regrets about the experience, only to say that I am wiser and poorer because of it , but I've ended up with some real gems. I have absolutely no stake in Anapeach Loudspeaker Restoration, but I would not hesitate to use their services again, to the extent that I am now considering having my other pair of later Mk1 Linn Kans tested by them.
  2. Thanks for the help, everyone. I intend to use 3m runs of NACA 5 on stands, but any help in that regard would be welcome. My current stands for a set of Spendor S3/5R2 may be ok, as they are about the same dimensions, but unlike Linn stands have no top spikes.
  3. I have just bought some second-hand Linn Kan Mk1 speakers, which I should receive in the next few days SERIAL 39669/70. I can find very little information on the specifications e.g. Impedance and Sensitivity, except for the label on the rear of the speakers which says "POWER HANDLING 50 WATTS MUSIC". Since I don't know he impedance of the speakers , am I to assume that the 50 watts mentioned above is into 8 ohms and that being the case will be compatible with by Naim Nait 5i amplifier. I don't want to damage either speakers or amplifier. On a secondary note, I am acutely aware that the speakers are at least 39 years old and that being the case will not run to original factory measurements/spec. Has anyone had any experience in running Linn Kans that are so old? Zappa
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  5. Hi, I bought the Denton 85 and enjoyed them very much at first, but discovered that they were annoyingly sibilant, particularly on female vocals. I returned them right at the last minute, having hoped they would mellow with run-in. I tested them through, Linn and Naim amplification. I since bought the Denton 80 and no longer detect sibilance. The Denton 80 in my view provides a pretty neutral overall presentation, verging on the mellow, have a pretty good soundstage and are very musical. They retain their musicality at low volumes and can be listened to for long periods without fatigue. I listen to Rock, Jazz, Classical and Pop and the Denton 80's deal with them all in an even handed fashion. Bass is good for their size. They are keepers in my view and at £349, I cannot see what will better them at that price, paired with quality amplification and a good source. The 85's apart from the sibilance sounded very exciting and immediate, very revealing, but harsh at times, probably recording dependant. The sibilance killed them, for me.