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  1. Absolutely superb piece of equipment at fantastic price. Easily the best amp I have had in my long and varied adventures in hifi. Dac section is excellent too . GLWS
  2. Excellent cables surprised these haven’t gone already - GLWS
  3. Up for grabs are my Spendor D7s excellent unmarked condition. I was having second thoughts about selling but I have now sourced replacement standmounts as they are a better fit for my small dedicated listening room . So these now need to go -Asking Price reduced to £2275 - collection only from Chester area - any audition / inspection welcome prior to purchase . I have original packaging and boxes somewhere in loft but prefer collection as I would not risk anything happening to these beauties in transit . pics aren’t great but rest assured they are in unmarked condition . Please pm me if interested.
  4. Hokey Cokey it is - back up for sale. as good as they are standmounts are a better fit for my room so these must go .
  5. Speakers are no longer for sale - I was selling the Spendors to fund purchase of Dynaudio standmounts that may have been a slightly better fit for my smallish listening room. I had opportunity of a very good deal unfortunately somebody beat me to the punch on the Dynaudio’s so I shall be keeping the Spendors for now.
  6. Buy or do not buy , there is no try ! Truly wonderful, the sound of Spendor D7 is.... 😉
  7. I can provide further , hopefully better, photos to genuinely interested parties .
  8. David Bailey I am not ! Excellent speakers they are 😉